The Anabolic Steroids Control Act established testosterone as a controlled substance in 1990 and assigned to Schedule III. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) closely regulates testosterone because the misuse of testosterone products can cause significant health risks. Testosterone can only be legally prescribed by a physician and is illegal to acquire, administer, or distribute outside a doctor’s supervision.

Unfortunately, not all doctors support the use of testosterone treatment in aging men, which is where some men get into trouble. In case it wasn’t obvious, the fake-baked, over-chiseled meathead who can’t stop saying “Bro” at your 5:00 a.m. deadlifting session isn’t a doctor. Even if Captain Meathead is selling “Mega-Bulk testosterone” out of the back of his Camaro, that’s a very bad situation waiting to happen. If you don’t have a prescription for testosterone, you could be in serious trouble, especially with the DEA. Alex Rodriguez, now-despised third basemen of the New York Yankees, purchased illegal testosterone through the Biogenesis clinic in Miami, Florida. (Source) His carelessness cost him a year of playing time, legal charges, and maybe even a chance at the MLB Hall of Fame.

Getting streetwise about testosterone is about knowing how to legally acquire testosterone from verified sources with regulated ingredients. Some “street” testosterone is imported from foreign countries, which is also illegal according to the DEA even if you have a prescription. “Street” testosterone is also known to contain contaminants that can cause infections.

The safest and most reliable use of testosterone replacement therapy is under the careful supervision of a board-certified doctor. It’s not worth the risk using “Mega-Bulk Testosterone” from ACME distributed by Captain Meathead at the gym. Get streetwise about your product sources. Your long-term health is worth getting the right treatment through Mantality.

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