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What Is Low Testosterone &

Low Testosterone Treatment?

Testosterone is a sex hormone; It is naturally produced in both men and women but is made at a much higher level in men. Low testosterone is not just about libido or becoming stronger and bigger in the gym. While this can be an effect of treatment, the condition known as Low T is much more in-depth. It is what gives a male the secondary sex characteristics of a man. Testosterone – which can profoundly reduce energy levels – is responsible for stimulating muscle growth, achieving normal erectile and cognitive functions, restore energy levels and maintaining normal bone density. When testosterone is produced in lower quantities and creates the condition known as hypogonadism, or Low T, all of these normal functions can begin to disappear. While this may seem concerning, low testosterone is readily treatable. But, the free testosterone may be available in your body, just not being utilized.

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Free Testosterone

Suffering from low testosterone, or low t, can mean that you may have the low testosterone symptoms of fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased strength, loss of muscle mass and decreased libido. At Mantality, we confirm these symptoms through blood tests. Once confirmed, we can successfully treat low testosterone with testosterone replacement therapy also known as TRT. While many people hear testosterone, the blood test will help us understand your free testosterone.

Testosterone hits the blood stream in a few forms:

- SBGH or Sexual Binding Globulin, this testosterone is not available for use in the body.

- Estrogen, through a process called aromatization, the testosterone is changed to estradiol.

- Free Testosterone, the testosterone that is free to be used by the body.

At Mantality, free testosterone is what we recognize in the blood that is available to be used by your body. The name implies exactly what it is for, free use by the body. Free testosterone is also known as bioavailable testosterone as it is biologically available testosterone for maximum use by the body. But, is the rest of the testosterone gone?

We have a lot of men come to the office claiming their doctor or physician tested their total testosterone and claimed it was normal. While that may be true, a man’s total testosterone could be within the accepted normal limits, however, free testosterone can be low causing symptoms of low t.

Mantality is able to treat the testosterone that is bound by the body allowing it to “free” up and become usable, meaning is it bioavailable testosterone. This allows us to treat the body using testosterone injections which helps bring the body back into hormone balance meaning you are now stronger, leaner, sharper and can take life on with no fatigue.

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Heart Health with Low T

Every man wants to look better, feel better, and become the best man they can. But, what goes on inside the body is what creates the longevity of our life. Testosterone is always linked to increased muscle size and strength and while those are some of the benefits, testosterone replacement therapy can also help decrease cardiovascular risk with age. An Ontario-based study that occurred from 2007 to 2012 featured 10,311 male participants who engaged in testosterone replacement therapy for low testosterone symptoms. The study was headed by Robert Name, MD, which concluded that the use of long-term testosterone treatment helped decrease cardiovascular risks in individuals. The study can be found here: Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

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