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About Us

It’s time to turn the tables.

Why Choose Mantality?

Mantality provides affordable treatment options that are monitored by Board Certified Physicians and Licensed Nurse Practitioners.

We have been the leader in testosterone replacement therapy throughout the Midwest since 2014. With thousands of guys currently in treatment, we pride ourselves on providing safe and effective medicine for men suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone.

As men, we burn it at both ends to get ahead or, in some cases, just to keep up. But today is drastically different. The demands placed on families for every activity and event to be a “trophy” experience is eating up not only your free time but also your energy.

Our Mission

Helping men live more powerful lives.

Our Vision

Give men back the drive to compete and win in their lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mantality's Core Values


We provide the safest and most effective medicine in our field. No one else is practicing testosterone replacement as well as we are and men DESERVE better.

Customer Service

Men don’t achieve their goals while they’re sitting in a waiting room

Personal Development

What things will we never achieve if we don’t have the same drive and passion to improve that we are giving our clients?

Will to Win

What things won’t be achieved by the men who never saw us? What will happen to them if they see our competitors?


We are responsible to our patients and to each other to fulfill our commitments at the highest standards.

The World Demands More

The dads of today look exhausted, stressed, and just beaten down by the constant demands on our time.

Business demands more, events are becoming more prevalent, the kids require more time, and with everything, the internet gives you 24/7 access to work, family, and friends, keeping you wired.

You Deserve More

We were started on this premise, the world demands more, we looked back and the interns were becoming our bosses, the new guys that started a company down the street just passed us, we were missing our kids practices, games, and events, we needed more…

That’s the foundation that built this company, the hunger that drives us to succeed, the energy we need to live.

Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better.

Get your life back with Mantality.

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