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All telehealth consultations are conducted by a board-certified physician with deep knowledge and experience in men’s health.

We offer in-person consultations at all of our locations including: Omaha, NE, Des Moines, IA, St. Louis, MO, Chesterfield, MO, Milwaukee, WI, Green Bay/Appleton, WI, Cleveland, OH, Grand Rapids, MI, and Pittsburgh, PA.

We start with a new patient consultation. This allows us to understand your symptoms and what your goals are allowing us to ensure that we’re a good fit for you. After your consultation we will do some lab work to take a look at your overall health. This ensures that we know that you’re healthy enough to consider testosterone treatment. After your lab work we will schedule you for a results of finding which lets us deep dive into your results and see if you qualify for treatment. Once everything is medically cleared, the provider builds a protocol that is custom to your biochemistry and lab work.

Your body takes 90-days for your blood volume to turn over, this is when your body will understand your medication. That being said, depending on your levels, some guys notice an immediate energy boost in 2-3 weeks, brain clarity in 2-4 weeks. Again, because each person is different and every person metabolizes medication differently, people respond differently.

Testosterone treatment uses medical diagnosis to determine if you have hypogonadism (low testosterone) through a lab panel that is comprehensive and thorough on health biomarkers. If a provider determines that it’s low testosterone, they can treat with a custom protocol via testosterone optimization protocol (enclomiphene) or testosterone replacement therapy (testosterone cypionate).

At your first appointment, you will need to fast 8 hours prior- and be scheduled before 10:30a. Upon arriving you will complete a one-page questionnaire on primary and secondary symptoms you may be experiencing. Our medical staff will take your vitals as well as administer labs for a testosterone test (total testosterone level), with results in about 25 minutes. You will also meet the provider for a quick introduction about symptomatic hypogonadism (low testosterone) and treatment. The medical provider may also need to run an SHBG lab (your free testosterone level) to determine if you are treatable. If your lab results determine that you have low levels, you will schedule your second appointment. This initial T-Test is $25 and the SHBG lab is $15.

At the second appointment you will again need to fast 8 hours prior. Upon arrival you will complete past medical and family history forms, and new patient paperwork. Once paperwork has been completed, our medical staff will take your vitals and more labs will be drawn- including Testosterone and PSA- (in-office lab results) as well as general wellness labs that will be sent out. You will meet with the medical provider, have a physical exam, and then go over lab results and develop a treatment plan. If you are deemed treatable and are a candidate for testosterone therapy, you can receive your first injection that day. If you are not treatable and/or do not elect to do treatment, your cost for this visit will be $40 ($25 testo/$15 PSA labs).

Our health assessment is offered to existing Mantality Health patients and includes a consult with a medical provider as well as data gathering. We capture your medical history; any symptoms you are experiencing; and a quantification of how you are feeling.

In addition, we take your vitals — blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, and chest-to-waist ratio — and do a full blood panel:

  • Testosterone
  • PSA
  • SHBG
  • Diabetes testing
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Thyroid function (TSH)
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Blood counts (red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelets)
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