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Jason's Success Story

I was performing TRT at a competitor, and while they were okay, they weren’t as detailed as Mantality. These guys really know their stuff… They make sure that EVERYTHING is okay, not just my testosterone levels, and the blood work shows it. They’re consistent with their blood work and they make everything so simple with all of their options at home.

Jason is a 45 year old law enforcement official working crazy hours and had hit that rut in his life where his motivation, mood, and energy levels were gone. Even his wife was starting to notice. He knew that he needed to start doing something or he was going to lose everything in his life and in his career.

Scott is a 50 year old single father who feels like a kid again on TRT. He was losing his edge and it was showing in his relationship with his son and in his career. He knew he needed to do something but wasn’t sure what.

Scott's Success Story

Since I started this, I feel like I’m a kid again, it’s amazing! People ask about it constantly and I preach to them, it’s nothing I’m embarrassed about, it’s a medical thing. If someone had told me earlier, before I was 50, that anything could make me feel 15 to 20 years younger, ask me where I sign… Right away, I could tell these guys knew what they were doing! Regular blood tests and consistent monitoring, and not just testosterone levels they look at everything. I wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else, no matter the cost. These guys have changed my life entirely…

Matt's Success Story

They pretty much cater to anything that I need so if my blood work comes back and I have a few changes, they make sure that my health comes first. The changes prioritize my overall health and ensure my levels stay in the top-end of normal. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this treatment…

Matt is a 34 year old father of two that works odd, long hours and is also on-call 24/7. He has been with Mantality for two-and-a-half years now and has put on 30 pounds of muscle and been promoted twice at his job since he’s started with us.

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