Why Women Love Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

On: July 24, 2017
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Looking to really turn on your current partner? Or become more attractive to potential mates? Read on to discover why high testosterone levels can help!

You love the ladies, or maybe just one lady in particular, but do the ladies love you back?

If you’ve been suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, the answer may not be one that you’ll like. Let’s face it, there’s nothing attractive about weight gain, moodiness, and infertility. That’s a fast road to getting less of the attention you want.

Here’s the good news. Low-T isn’t one of those hopeless conditions you’re doomed to live with forever. There’s an excellent chance you can reverse its symptoms with testosterone replacement therapy.

Let’s dig into why women love men on testosterone replacement and what it can do for you.

Better Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is one of the first things to go when your testosterone levels drop. Those guns, pecs, and shoulders you took for granted through your twenties start dwindling like a credit score after a bankruptcy. Plus, the loss in testosterone makes it hard to build or even maintain muscle mass.

That’s a problem because there’s a basic loss of strength to go with that loss of muscle mass and women like men who have some raw physical power. It’s also a problem because your build plays a huge role in how attractive women find you.

You’ve probably seen it happen in person. Every woman in a place checks out the guy who looks like he lives in the gym.

Testosterone replacement therapy helps you hang onto the muscle mass you have and makes it easier for you to build more. No more hours at the gym just to lose ground. You can reclaim the body that will make women take a good long look at you.

Less Fat

Belly fat is the bane of modern men. With so many jobs demanding you sit for 8-10 hours a day, how could it not be?

Remember a few seconds ago when we were talking about how women like muscles? Well, fat hides your muscles. It makes you look dumpy and out of shape, even if you’re not.

What’s worse is that all of that fat accumulating around your belly murders your testosterone levels. Fat takes that manly testosterone, hits it with an enzyme and turns it into estrogen. So if you’re already on the low end of the testosterone spectrum, fat is making the problem much worse.

Testosterone, on the other hand, promotes the loss of fat in a couple of different ways. It encourages muscle growth, which increases your total burned calories. If your body has fewer calories to store, you end up with less fat.

Testosterone also cuts down on feelings of fatigue. This promotes higher levels of physical activity that also reduce fat. You end up with a slimmer body that shows off those extra muscles that women love.

Improves Libido

Lower testosterone doesn’t just reduce muscle mass, it also affects your libido.

The sex drive is complex and many things can contribute to its relative intensity, including stress and the quality of your sleep. What is clear is that when testosterone levels fall below a certain point, you libido suffers.

Just as every man’s libido is a little different, every woman’s libido different. You can still bet that most women won’t be thrilled if your interest in and desire for sex plummets to nothing.

There is an argument that women, among other things, desire to be desired. If you don’t desire sex in general, then you can’t desire sex with a particular woman. It’s not a stretch to say that some women would even view that absence of desire as a rejection of them.

Resolving the Low-T with testosterone replacement therapy will boost your libido back to your individual normal. If you possessed a strong libido before, you’ll likely get it back. If you have weaker libido before, odds are you’ll experience a weaker libido when your testosterone levels return to normal.

What women will love is that you’ll be able to desire them, which should help ignite their desire for you.

Reduced Erectile Dysfunction

Few thoughts haunt men more than the idea of not being able to rise to the occasion when a woman expresses sexual interest. It’s not an unfounded fear, either.

The overall percentage of men with erectile dysfunction is estimated at around 52%. The estimates for men under 40 suffering with ED is around 25%.

It’s true that many cases of erectile dysfunction stem from cardiovascular issues. Another main driver of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone.

It doesn’t take a doctor or any advanced training in psychology to know that women aren’t going to be impressed with a man who can’t achieve or maintain an erection. Sex may not be everything, but it’s still an important part of healthy, adult relationships.

Assuming your ED isn’t caused by a problem with blood moving through your arteries, then there’s a decent chance that Low-T is the culprit. If you’re in this camp, then testosterone replacement therapy can treat the issue.

Boosting those testosterone levels should get things back to normal. You can be confident that women love men who can perform when the moment is right.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Sleep

There is a real, if ambiguous, relationship between sleep and testosterone.

Poor sleep can lower your testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels are linked to sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. It isn’t clear where one of these issues begins and the other ends, but one thing is certain.

No one likes sharing a bed with a restless, snoring sleeper. Both restless sleep and snoring make it difficult for the other person to get enough sleep. That leaves you both under-rested in the morning.

No one wins, but women lose more. Women need more sleep than men for their brains to recover from the previous day.

Restoring your testosterone levels can help to ease sleeping problems. That means you get better sleep and she gets enough sleep. Seems like a no brainer that women will love that.

Closing Thoughts

Testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t sound sexy, but it creates a lot of benefits that women will love. You’ll look better, have a healthy libido and be ready to perform when things turn amorous. Not to mention that everyone involved will enjoy more quality sleep.

Mantality Health specializes in treating men suffering from low testosterone. If you’re ready to make an appointment and say goodbye to Low-T, contact us today.


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