Do you know a guy who’s just a domineering jerk? Maybe he’s the office gorilla who tries intimidating everyone else in the workplace. You know the guy, the former homecoming-king-turned-Regional-Manager without the sales chops to match his big talk. He couldn’t sell rubber to a tire factory, but for whatever reason, he’s in charge… and he’s a jerk. While your unfriendly neighborhood Macho Man may think he’s a man’s man, there’s a good chance he’s actually suffering from low testosterone. The joke’s on you, bro.

Recent studies show that being an adult male who acts like a jerk, easily angered, or hyper-aggressive are often signs of low testosterone. (Everyday Health) The myth that super-masculine men are always close to getting angry and aggressive is a Hollywood lie and a dangerous one at that to present to teenage boys and young men. Unsafe synthesized testosterone treatments and steroid usage (“roid rage”) further drive this dangerous myth of masculinity.

Research shows that men with healthy levels of testosterone are actually more friendly and cooperative than their low testosterone counterparts. (NCBI) Having healthy testosterone levels doesn’t mean you’re automatically destined to be a jerk; that’s your call. How you allow your testosterone to direct your behavior is your responsibility.

Physiological science also proves an unquestionable connection between healthy testosterone levels and the drive to improve both your personal and professional statuses. Healthy testosterone levels can naturally increase a man’s sense of fulfillment and confidence to tackle new opportunities. If you want to get ahead, be a nice guy to everyone and a team player. Let Captain Jerk enjoy his short-lived rule as Office Dictator while you scale the rungs up your corporate ladder.

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