What Are the Side Effects of Stopping TRT Injections?

On: June 2, 2018
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What Are the Side Effects of Stopping TRT Injections?

TRT injections have a lot of benefits, but it’s important you do treatment for its entirety. If you stop, you may experience side effects.

Are you among the 24% of men with low testosterone?

If so, you know that low T can come with many symptoms and side effects, including a lowered libido, a loss of hair and muscle mass, and even trouble sleeping.

You’ve likely already tried one of the most popular remedies for low testosterone — TRT injections. Perhaps you’ve even had success with TRT injections, and are ready to stop your treatment. Or maybe you’re one of the rare few who have experienced side effects with the injections.

While we urge you to complete the course of treatment without stopping early, we know that sometimes, this is impossible.

If you do stop your injections before the recommended cycle length, or if you’ve completed your cycle, this post will tell you what you can expect to happen to you next.

Read on to be better informed and prepared.

1. Increased Fatigue

One of the most common side effects that comes with stopping your TRT injections too early?

You’ll likely feel especially tired, especially in the first few days off of your treatment. Remember, you likely already dealt with exhaustion and perhaps even had trouble sleeping as a result of low testosterone.

When you stop taking your injections, your body will need to recalibrate its levels of testosterone independently.

Luckily, you should only experience more severe exhaustion for a limited time after stopping your injections.

2. Changes In Your Mood

Perhaps you’re aware of the mounting evidence that links low levels of testosterone and depression.

You may even have experienced a bit of anxiety in addition to feelings of sadness before you started TRT injections.

So, should you stop the cycle too early or use too low of a dosage, be aware that these feelings may return. Of course, your general mental health as well as what’s going on in your life at the time will also impact your mood.

Make sure you’re aware of how stopping the injections will impact your mood. If you see a therapist or other mental health professional, inform them of your plans to stop the injections ahead of time.

3. A Loss Of Muscle Mass

One of the biggest benefits of TRT injections? You’ve likely noticed that it became a lot easier for you to make awesome muscle mass gains in the gym.

However, once you decide to stop using the injections — especially if you stop early on in the cycle — be aware that you may lose some of these gains.

This is especially common if you’re a bodybuilder or more of a serious gym rat. To attempt to counter this, we suggest eating lots of leafy greens and even taking natural iron supplements when you stop taking your injections.

Above all, don’t strain yourself in the gym when you first stop your injections.

4. A Brief Increase In Headaches

When you make the decision to stop taking your testosterone injections too early, you’re throwing your body off kilter.

Your body has gotten used to higher testosterone levels, and a sudden loss of these levels can cause your body to attempt to overcorrect.

Another common side effect when you stop taking these injections?

You may notice that you deal with frequent, moderate to severe headaches within the first few days.

Essentially, your body’s central nervous system is rewriting itself, learning how to function without the benefits of the injection.

5. A Change In Your Overall Sex Drive

We know that this is a side effect that both you and your partner will likely find frustrating.

However, the good news is that you shouldn’t expect a lowered libido to last for a long time. Be aware that you may experience a rather sharp decrease in your sex drive in the days after stopping your TRT injections.

This loss of sexual appetite will seem larger than it actually is, because of the boost that higher levels of testosterone gave to you.

Talk to your partner before you decide to stop taking your injections.

Let them know that this is a common side effect, and has nothing to do with your desire to be with them. You should expect your sex drive to recalibrate within a few weeks after stopping your testosterone treatment.

6. Shifts In Your Body Weight

As with a loss of general muscle mass, once you stop your injections, you may also deal with fluctuating body weight?

We know that this can be irritating, which is why it’s better to taper off your injections instead of going cold turkey.

In general, if you notice that you gained weight over the course of your treatment, you’ll likely lose it when you stop the shots.

If you lost lots of weight when starting testosterone injections, however?

You can expect your body to return to a more normal weight. Try to monitor your diet and exercise routine closely over this time period, and make changes in order to maintain a healthy weight.

You’re Aware Of The Side Effects Of Stopping TRT Injections

We hope that this post has helped you to understand a few of the side effects that you may experience if you stop your TRT injections before the course is complete.

Be aware, however, that not everyone experiences these side effects. Some individuals may deal with them to a greater or lesser degree. As with other injections and medications, it all depends on the individual.

If you’re dealing with low testosterone, you don’t have to suffer anymore.

Instead, spend some time on our website to learn more about the different treatment options available to you.


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