What Are Testosterone Pellets

On: April 12, 2021
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There can be so many different ways to try to raise testosterone nowadays. They can take the form of gels, pills, sprays, and even patches. One of the other choices to help raise testosterone is in the form of a testosterone pellet. Depending on the person, it could be beneficial to look at all the options testosterone comes in and figure out which one may suit your needs best. 

Lower testosterone in men could cause a lot of changes physically and mentally, and supplying testosterone into the body at this point could relieve them of some of these symptoms. This could look like a loss of energy, hair thinning, lower sex drive, or bodily changes like weight changes and the decrease of muscle. When these symptoms may occur, some men might look into products that could help them level out their testosterone and help these problems slowly go away with time. 

What Are They? 

Like gels, pills, or patches, pellets will act as a way to increase and level off testosterone in the body to help reduce the symptoms that low-T may cause. However, unlike the rest of these, the pellet is administered differently. 

The testosterone pellet is only the size of a grain of rice. It is a very small form of hormone replacement therapy. When the pellet is put into the body, it is placed right under the skin by the hip or lower back area. 

Different from how some pills and other replacement therapies may work, the pellet delivers a steady dose of testosterone throughout its time in the body. Pills and other treatments may activate all at once and leave a spike of testosterone in the body. This could lead to the treatment working and then wearing off. However, the pellet will slowly release the hormone over a span of six months. 

How They May Help

Like most hormone replacement therapies, they are being used to replace something that is no longer in the body. The patient may be looking to help level out their fatigue or get their sex drive back up. Whatever it may be, testosterone pellets may be the way to help.  

With the pellets supplying a steady stream of testosterone of the months it is in your body, it may take some time for you to feel a difference, however, it will get your body to levels you may recognize more. 

Of course, like any medication or treatment you may undergo, it is important to know what you are truly wanting to fix or treat. Being fatigued or weight gain could be caused by many different things. Looking at your age, past medical history, and current wants can be a good way of really understanding what could help. 

Testosterone pellets are one of the many ways to supply the hormone back into your body. With them not being intrusive and letting a steady stream of testosterone into your body at a time, they can be the favored way to grow your levels. 


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