TRT Benefits: Improve Cognition and Performance

On: April 11, 2018
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TRT Benefits: Improve Cognition and Performance

As men lose testosterone levels, their cognition and physical performance declines. One of the TRT benefits is improvements in both areas.

Although women get a bad rap for being hormonal, it’s not like men don’t have issues with their internal functions, too. Sure, your body may not express it in the same ways PMS, mood swings, and menopause hit women.

But, there are times in every man’s life when his testosterone will rise and make him feel like he’s on top of the world, and when it will dip, consequently lowering his mood too. That’s just how aging goes.

Thankfully, advances in modern medicine and simple, natural health changes can help you maintain and improve your testosterone levels. One great option to consider is TRT.

Keep reading for more on this testosterone solution and the TRT benefits you can expect to feel.

What Is TRT and Who May Qualify for It?

TRT stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy – it works to balance your hormone levels over time. This allows you to sustain TRT benefits, rather than to become dependent on shots or medical appointments to keep your testosterone up.

Understanding TRT

How does your testosterone rise, exactly?

First, doctors will ask a few personal questions. They’ll want to know when you felt the most active and energized in your life. Then, they’ll ask about the normal habits and lifestyle you’re living now, and what you think is missing.

Such questions provide insight into how your testosterone has risen and fallen over the years. This is the first step to balancing it out now and making the benefits of TRT available to you. The next step is to set up your treatment, which will occur over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Some patients will notice TRT benefits right away, while others may require a week or two to fully adjust and feel a difference. This is just one example of how TRT is different for each person. It’s why doctors take a personal approach to this treatment, rather than creating a standard method for all patients to use.

Deciding if TRT Is Right for You

If you’re curious to see what a boosted testosterone level can offer you, it’s best to understand the signs and significance of low testosterone. Your testosterone may be dipping if:

  • you’re having trouble performing in bed
  • you have a lack of desire for intimacy in general
  • you’re losing hair and/or muscle mass
  • you feel tired all the time
  • you’re experiencing mood swings

That’s right, men get mood swings too. The bottom line is these aren’t fun for anyone, though. More so, there’s a deeper importance to testosterone than just having fun in the bedroom and balancing your emotions.

Testosterone supports healthy bones and regular bodily functions. Put simply, it’s necessary to maintain homeostasis – for both men and women, but men tend to feel the effects of low testosterone more.

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to look into TRT.

Cognition, Performance, and Other TRT Benefits

Balancing your testosterone levels can change your life. This isn’t just about bringing your hormones back to normal, it’s about creating a better quality of life during this chapter of your story and beyond.

The following are just a handful of TRT benefits you can expect to feel after treatment.

Healthier Living

A 2015 study of over 80,000 men found that higher testosterone levels can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Although this is a significant finding, it’s not the only way a boost in testosterone directly improves health. Other benefits that occur in the body include better red blood cell production and transport of oxygen. Testosterone supports and maintains healthy bones, too.

These are regular functions you don’t always notice. The body is doing such operations and more every second of the day. But, when your testosterone drops, you’re sure to feel something unusual if you let it dip over time.

Better Verbal Skills and Memory Functions

Things like oxygen and red blood cells levels in your blood aren’t exactly functions you can notice on your own. You’d need to consult a doctor to see how regular, or irregular, these processes are within you.

It’s much easier to notice functions like verbal skills and memory. Such TRT benefits are skills that improve the longer your treatment goes on. You can expect to communicate better and more confidently, and to remember conversations better as well.

Testosterone changes how you interact with others for the better. This kind of hormone boost can boost your confidence very much, possibly to the extent of opening doors in your career or personal life.

A Happier Sex Life

Speaking of your personal life, when was the last time you had a strong, fulfilling moment of intimacy? This kind of climax can be hard to reach for men with low levels of testosterone.

But when you begin to feel TRT benefits kicking in, it’s worth giving intimate activities another shot. Who knows, you may have some of the best romantic experiences you’ve had in your life!

If anything, you can expect to feel quite the difference and also notice a change in your partner’s level of satisfaction. This is particularly true for men who are married or otherwise have a long-term partner. Such relationships tend to be more open about their experiences, and they have a running history to provide feedback on when discussing the TRT benefits brought into the bedroom.

An Overall Mood Boost

Whether you just can’t wait to give your partner what you used to be able to – or to feel something again for yourself – you can count on enjoying TRT benefits outside of the bedroom, too.

Think, being happier when you wake up and go about your day. Imagine feeling more in control of all your emotions, and not letting the little things get to you anymore.

Of course, sometimes your mood is about more than your testosterone. If your emotions have been feeling all over the place, though, TRT may be just what you need.

Beginning Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Are you ready to feel like yourself again? Is there something missing in your life that you think TRT benefits can solve?

If so, it’s time to look into your testosterone therapy options and book your treatment. That’s where we come in. Our team of specialists is here to help you come back to yourself with a boost in testosterone.

We are a fully-certified medical staff, with a personal approach to TRT. We will monitor your treatment every step of the way, making sure to match medical efforts with your personal goals as best as possible.

Contact us today to get started.

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