Too out of shape for beer league softball

Summer means beer league softball gets cranked up for 8:00 p.m. first pitches. You were an all-conference outfielder… forty years ago. Now, you’re a hands-on-the-hips first baseman telling the guys to throw on target or you’ll pull a muscle. When it comes to hitting, you have all the power of hitting a triple but the speed of an intentional walk.

So, you know this year is going to be different: you’ll start exercising, maybe go for a few brisk jogs to try recovering some of your long-lost glory on the diamond. You’re not obese, but it’d be much easier to run if you could just lose about ten pounds off your midsection. Lifting weights, dieting, even running hasn’t touched that stubborn midsection and it’s frustrating. If you’re like most of us in our 50s, it’s easy to accept that you won’t have a six-pack again in this lifetime.

What you may not know is that the biggest contributor to your beer belly isn’t actually beer. It’s low testosterone. Men have estradiol, another form of estrogen, as part of our hormone balance. As we age, our testosterone production naturally begins to decrease. With decreasing testosterone production comes elevated estradiol retention. Testosterone converts into estradiol, also called E2, through a process called aromatization, which causes excessive storage of belly fat. If your spare tire is due to imbalanced hormones, no amount of exercising or dieting can reverse the process.

The good news is that testosterone replacement therapy can help you lose your beer belly. At Low T St. Louis, our TRT treatments can involve aromatase inhibitors that eliminate excess estradiol in your bloodstream and start reversing the effects. Testing your hormone levels through Low T St. Louis can help you know where your hormones are imbalanced and provide a treatment plan to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle again. All it takes is a simple blood test to start getting back to playing softball at the speed you want.

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