The Secret to Becoming the Cool Dad

On: October 25, 2020
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There are few challenges more trying and rewarding than being a parent. Being someone who is able to guide a child through decades of life whilst attaining that elusive cool dad status? Welp, that’s dang near impossible.


We believe that balance is everything when it comes to parenting, so being the cool dad that your kids’ friends want to have is a matter of making sure you’re putting the effort into the right things, while learning to take a step back and focus on yourself when the time comes to do so.

You might be asking, “but how do I get there?” Here are some easy tips to keep you sharp and on top of your game, old dude.

Think Young, But Act Your Age

The key reason we think our generation is fit to be the best set of dads yet is our ability to relate to the youth of today. We don’t have massive technological gaps or major differences in values to overcome these days, so being a relatable cool dad is probably easier than it’s ever been.That being said, nothing works like teaching from experience, so being able to empathize with your kids while displaying the maturity of those who came before you will make you the ideal role model.

And it might not hurt to get in on the Minecraft and Blume Doll craze. But whatever you do, DON’T call it Mindcraft to be funny – that will shoot you right back down to lame dad. Oh, and don’t use your kid’s slang – just don’t.

Give Lessons for The Real World

The second any of us leave high school and enter the working world, one of the first things we realize is how insignificant school actually is in the development of young adults. While most parents obsess around their kid’s education, the coolest parents teach their children how to make it in the real world.

They’ll figure out the social stuff, make mistakes and learn romance all by themselves, themselves, so your best chance is to guide them on the path to becoming a great person that people want to have around.

Image Is a Big Thing

It’s okay if the stress and strain of parenthood has left you looking a little soft around the edges, but the key to being a well-dressed dad is to stay current while dressing your age at the same time.

Generally, that means keeping things simpler as you get older (and wiser, of course), but also making sure you’re not trying to squeeze into anything you shouldn’t. Stick with timeless brands, basics and styles that never go out of fashion, while choosing cuts that flatter.

After all, while your kids’ opinion of you is the only thing that really matters, your coolness as a parent is something that’s judged by everyone.

Keep Yourself in Shape

Invite your kiddos to be a part of your workout routine. At Mantality, we’re firm believers that exercise is key to health above all else. Nothing else relaxes the mind, tunes the body and helps the brain make better decisions, so why is it the first thing that goes out the window as soon as people have kids?

Many studies have shown that those who regularly exercise have more positive moods as well as reduced levels of stress and fatigue, all of which are vital ingredients for any cool parent. Be the dad with energy to spare, and your own body will thank you once they’re all grown up and it’s time for you to hit the golf course.

We are attempting to connect men to their aspirations. By providing the tools to look better, feel better and perform better, Mantality believes fully in creating a better workplace, community, and nation through bringing men back to who they used to be. This helps them become a better business owner, first responder, employee, husband, dad, brother, and more.

Now go forth at be the cool dad!


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