The Effects of Burnout in Men

On: December 7, 2021
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Burnout can happen to anyone and everyone in this day and age. Many times people will get burnout from work, relationships, or personal stressors going on. No matter what is causing it, burnout should not be ignored. Getting to the level of burnout that is affecting both your body physically and mentally can be hard to get out of. It is important to watch how you are acting beforehand to see if you feel different. Life may be extremely busy these days, but that shouldn’t allow burnout into your life.

How Burnout Can Occur

Burnout is closely thought to come from a stressful job and while that can be true, burnout can come from many other circumstances as well. If you feel you are being overworked at home or that your relationships are not satisfying your needs, this can also cause burnout to happen. Burnout can also come from not getting the proper recognition you think you deserve. No one likes working hard and not getting a pat on the back. Overall, burnout can happen from anything in your life giving you an overwhelming amount of stress.

How Burnout Can Show Itself

For many people, burnout may appear in different ways both physically and mentally. You may start to feel more fatigued or irritable during days you don’t expect it. Your internal levels of depression and anxiety may also raise and cause you to feel unmotivated or nervous about certain situations. If your level of work starts to falter and you can see yourself not being as efficient as before, this may be another cause of burnout. Loss of motivation can affect someone in many areas of their life in both work and personal relationships. Burnout can have a negative effect on your relationship as well.
In men, it is known that burnout may have a direct effect on testosterone levels and cause erectile dysfunction as well. It can be important to watch out for the smaller symptoms of burnout before it could get worse.

How to Fight Against Burnout

For many men, fighting against burnout may look different. To fight against burnout is similar to fighting against a spell of depression or anxiety. You will want to change your environment. If it is work that is getting you overwhelmed, try to take a sick day or two and spend time with your family or take a personal trip. If the burnout is too serious, a new job could be considered a remedy as well. Physical exercise can also help against burnout. Going out for a simple walk or jog, getting your blood pumping, can help give relief to your overwhelming thoughts and clear your mind. Benefiting your physical body can in turn benefit your mental self.
Overall, focusing on yourself and your needs comes first. If you feel the symptoms of burnout coming up, take the time to do what you need to get past them. Go watch your favorite movies, take a hike, clear your head, spend time with friends and family, anything that can help you in the end.

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