Simple Gifts for Each Love Language

On: May 3, 2021
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Everybody is different when it comes to how they show and take love from others. Some people are more vocal, while others enjoy writing it down or showing it through a hug. No matter the case, they will each have their own vision of the perfect gifts.

It can be important to remember that everyone has their own love language: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. No matter what your partners may be, there can be a gift for them.

The Old School Card

This may seem pretty cliche, however, a well-written and thought-out card can make someone feel loved more than a stuffed bear sometimes. Someone who enjoys words of affirmation may also enjoy this gift.

You can even handmade a card too. Grab some printer paper, stickers, and pens and revert back to kindergarten arts and crafts. You can really make a card personalized this way and make sure your partner can really see it was for them.

Giving them words of affirmation can also be in the form of compliments, telling them that you love them a handful of times a day, and simple encouraging words.

A Coupon Book

Going back to arts and crafts, but with a different motive. A coupon book can be a great way to give your partner the opportunity to see what you will do for them. This could be great for the acts of service kind of person.

They will see the dishes done, laundry folded, baby laid down, or even the simple, opening the car door for them, as love. You could either do a coupon book or even just do things around the house without a warning or being told to. Either way, your partner will be overjoyed and happy to see the initiate and love.

Actual Gift Giving

This is where it might get a little more complicated. Having a good knowledge of your partner and their likes and dislikes can be crucial to something like this.

On the plus side, the gift itself can be extremely simple. There doesn’t need to be the need for something overly expensive. Coming home with a flower, o a stuffed animal of their favorite animal, or their favorite dinner dish can be amazing ways to show someone who sees receiving gifts as love, your love towards them.

Spend Time With Them

This could possibly be the easiest out of all of them. The perfect gift to someone who loved quality time is just that, quality time. It may just be as simple as sitting with them on the couch or helping them cook dinner, or going to the grocery store with them.

Depending on your partner, it doesn’t have to entail any talking. You both could be reading, or watching a movie, or on your phones. However, keep in mind that they could enjoy more interaction as well. A simple shift to playing video games or a board game could do the trick.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the love languages that has quite a range on it depending on the person. Simply holding hands, playing with their hair, or letting them lean on you could be exactly what they need.

A great gift could be an at-home massage day. You could set up the bed to be a “massage table” and have some nature noises playing in the background and some lemon water on the nightstand. It would give a great opportunity for you two to bond, feel more connected, and for it to lead to even more physical touch after depending.

An activity like massaging can also lead to more sexual implications and in a roundabout way, help increase testosterone levels. It has been shown that increasing flirting and having a loved one around can help increase t-levels. Physical touch may be beneficial for both you and your significant other.

Every person is different, and some people may have multiple love languages. There is so much out there on how to cater to that and make your partner feel loved and special. Take advantage of what they find comfort in and show them how much you love them.

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