Side Effect of Success: How TRT Can Help Your Career Advancement

On: April 24, 2019
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Testosterone is a man’s true best friend. I love dogs, but they just can’t provide what testosterone does. But what happens when you start to lose your best friend?

Well, a lot can happen. It’s natural to lose testosterone as you get older, but there’s no reason to stand by without a fight.

In recent years, there’s been much done to shame men into thinking that testosterone symbolizes men’s brutish nature, painting them as barbaric neanderthals who can’t control their base desires.

But what some people may not realize is that testosterone is a completely necessary part of the male genetic construct. Testosterone is what makes us who we are.

Yes, there can be instances where we can be a little much. i.e. losing our temper and mindlessly shouting in the gym. But you’d be surprised how many effects of testosterone are positive.

For example, testosterone helps men provide for their families with opportunities in career advancement. You may think that sounds ridiculous, but what happens when a man loses the hormonal balance that makes him who he is? Nothing good.

So before you knock TRT, you should know about it. Read on for a guide that shows you what TRT is and how its effects drive career advancement.

Low Testosterone: The Career Advancement Killer

You used to be the man of her dreams, a lion in the bedroom, a ridiculously hard worker, an optimistic, fun-loving man. You still have that mentality, but something is missing.

Every morning you wake up, you wish you could throw the covers off of the bed and be the machine you once were.

There’s nothing wrong with you. That’s life. As you get older, it gets harder to achieve the things you used to achieve in your 20’s.

Luckily, however, thanks to science, we can finally combat the natural process of aging. You no longer have to sit idly by and watch your muscle mass slowly dwindle with your sex drive.

You no longer have to ‘call it a day’ two hours earlier than you used to. There’s hope on the horizon, and its name is TRT.

So how does low testosterone kill career advancement?

Sleeping Patterns

An estimated 63.2 billion dollars of productivity is lost in a year due to insomnia. And what is one of the most prevalent symptoms of low T? Insomnia.

Researchers aren’t yet sure exactly why this happens, but what is sure is that you can’t function at work if you don’t get sleep.

Career advancement takes meticulous planning and dedication. One night of lost sleep can bring an entire week of positivity crashing down in one swing. Insomnia leads to a lack of concentration. And what’s the most important aspect of career advancement? Concentration.

Lack of sleep can also cause low t. It seems the two are apart of a vicious cycle. That cycle is not at all conducive to career advancement.


As men, we tend to minimize the problems that we are having. In most cases, we shove them aside and act as if they aren’t there. We are old school. We’re tough and we get through it, right? Wrong.

While our perseverance is admirable it borders downright stubbornness. Depression is a real medical condition and its not something that can be beaten away with a stick.

Depression has many symptoms and none of those symptoms are increased productivity.

You may experience weight loss or weight gain and not understand why. The weight loss/gain could be caused by the depression, it could be low-t, it could be both. Again, we see the chicken vs. the egg conundrum: what came first?

It doesn’t matter which came first. When your emotional health is compromised so is your physical and mental health.

And if your mental foundation is shaken to the point of weight loss so is your career. How can you control your financial goals when you’re miserable? You can’t.

Career advancement is about taking steps. Taking the first step of responding to depression is difficult.

The causes of depression are too many to relate. But low testosterone has proven to be one of those causes. It’s worth checking.


You don’t have to be depressed to be unmotivated. Although the two often go hand in hand, they are quite different.

Motivation also may be misconstrued as the desire to fulfill one’s own needs by means of selfishness.

While studies have shown that testosterone can cause that sort of behavior. They also show that testosterone causes fierce protectiveness, generosity, and prosocial behavior.

If you’re like most people in the world, doing good things makes you want to do more good things. In many ways, testosterone can either fuel or hinder that desire.

You may feel a lack of purpose bogging you down. How can you strive for career advancement if you feel lost?


You may be saying, ‘what does sex drive have to do with career advancement?’ Actually, a lot, but not in a perverse way. Your sex drive matters in an evolutionary and fostering good relationships way.

If you’re not being intimate with your spouse or lover it can certainly affect your performance at work.

Libido can also affect your confidence levels. If you’re never in the mood, it can certainly make you feel like you’re undesirable or that you’re boring. That shows at work.

The last thing you want to be thinking about at work is whether or not your partner is satisfied at home. Again, career advancement is about focus, you can’t do that if your brain is in another location.

Erectile Dysfunction

There is a difference between libido and sexual dysfunction. Libido is your desire to have sex, dysfunction has to do with your ability to have sex.

While one can destroy your confidence at work because of a worry of incompetence, the other can destroy your focus at work because of a legitimate concern for you health.

‘Is something seriously wrong with me?’ ‘is it life-threatening? ‘Is it an underlying issue?’ ‘Can I cure it?’ These are all questions that could run through your mind if you happen to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

They are all questions that testosterone therapy could potentially solve.

Stop spending minutes that lead into hours at work fretting over your current predicament and start taking steps to remedy the situation. Be a man. Worrying is useless.

Competitive Nature

You can either love or hate Darwin. The choice is yours, but he had some pretty compelling theories; none more famous and documented than his theory on natural selection. Regardless of your feelings toward the man, the world of career advancement is built upon competition.

Testosterone is a major component in your competitive drive, not just from the start of the competition, but more importantly, after a victory or defeat. You’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and still take punches.” Thank you, Rocky.

Testosterone is a significant factor in whether or not we choose to compete again after a win or loss.

Career advancement isn’t a one and done situation. In order to sustain success, you have to focus on the next move. After a victory, you should be thinking about the next victory, after a loss, you should be thinking about what you learned going forward.

Low testosterone can convince you that you don’t have the desire to compete anymore. It can turn into you feeling like a failure when it’s just the response your brain is having to a hormone, nothing more.

Physical Performance

Your testosterone levels are crucial to maintaining peak physical performance. While you may not be a professional athlete or bodybuilder, your physical conditioning matters.

In fact, your fitness levels have a direct impact on your amount of productivity at work. Mental fitness and physical fitness usually go more hand in hand than one would think. This isn’t only because it pushes your mental limits.

Exercise decreases stress and increases focus. Anxiety, brain fog, depression, and lethargy have all been linked to lack of exercise. You can’t advance your career if you can’t get off the couch.

And you can’t get off the couch if you don’t have any desire to. That’s where testosterone comes into play.

It’s estimated that we lose about 1% of our testosterone level per year past the age of 30. It’s also estimated that we lose about 1 lb of muscle per year.

With both of these statistics, it’s easy to understand how we may be losing out on career advancement opportunities due to our dwindling physical prowess. We’re men, we like to feel strong and virile, both mentally and physically.

We can’t do that if we don’t have testosterone.

Our physical performance can also dictate the performance of our immune system. Exercise increases the immune system’ability to fight infection. Conversely, low testosterone can lower the immune system’s ability to fight infections.

If you’re taking sick day after sick day and always feeling like you can’t get out of bed, there’s no way you’ll be a prime candidate for that dream job you’ve been looking for.

TRT: The Career Advancement Facilitator

Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t just for you. It’s an ally to protect your family. It’s an ally on the road to financial success. It’s a reminder that your hopes and dreams are never too far out of reach.

What is TRT?

Testosterone replacement therapy is an FDA approved approach to treating all of the above conditions that I just mentioned. It can drastically improve men’s energy levels and improve happiness long term.

Is it safe?

A lot of people question the safety of testosterone replacement therapy. The answer is, yes, it is safe if done correctly and carefully. However, testosterone replacement therapy is not just a one shot and done form of therapy.

Testosterone therapy is not something that you should do without consulting an experienced physician. You will also want to consult a physician who specializes in this form of therapy as there are many inexperienced physicians who either don’t draw blood often enough or don’t administer testosterone enough to achieve safe adequate results.

How Does It Work?

Testing for your testosterone and starting therapy is a combination of several factors: your total amount of testosterone, your amount of free testosterone (amount available for your body to use), and your estrogen levels.

Testosterone therapy revolves around optimizing the amount of free testosterone and minimalizing the amount of estrogen in your body.

Testosterone Should be your Ally, not your Demise

It’s easy to understand why people are skeptical of testosterone replacement therapy. With any form of therapy that involves an individual’s safety, scrupulous evaluation should be applied.

It may seem unnatural that we are able to control our hormone levels. But what isn’t’ unnatural is humanity’s quest to improve our quality of life. If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, you know what aging feels like, and you know that it’s not fun. So why not try to combat that process?

Remember when you used to wake up refreshed feeling like you could take on the world? Remember when you and your loved one used to run wild throughout the night? Remember when you used to look in the mirror and go, ‘wow’. Remember when you used to feel invincible?

It doesn’t have to just be a memory. You can be what you were, now.

What’s better is that you’ll have all the knowledge of a man in your 40’s or 50’s. Youth will no longer be wasted on the youth. Imagine what you could achieve.

Men all over the world are suffering from low testosterone, and it shows in their work and personal lives. You don’t have to be those men. And you don’t have to be some out of control 20-year-old hormonal nightmare.

You can be the energetic, clear-headed, broad-chested, intelligent, hardworking man you pride yourself on being. It’s not just about you, it’s about providing for your family and making sure that you can take care of them.

You can’t do that if you feel like crap. Get back to where you belong: in control. Don’t let age tell you that you’re nothing anymore. It’s a lie.

If you’re ready to take the reigns back for your career advancement, then get tested at a location near you. There’s nothing worse than having the solution at your fingertips and letting it slip away because of fear.

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