Reasons for Low Energy and Fatigue

On: April 26, 2021
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A lot goes into the day-to-day life of a man. Working, a family, personal errands or issues could all add up and by the end of the day, it makes sense that one would be incredibly tired. Being tired can be a very normal response to a long day of responsibilities. However, there are ways that being overly tired or having consecutively low energy could raise alarm. 

Whether it be through mental or physical reasons, there are a lot of ways that low energy could be explained in a man. It can be important to acknowledge if you are having multiple days in a row that you are getting tired at the same time. Keeping track of these changes can actually be a great way to stop the low energy or fatigue in its tracks. 

Low Testosterone

One of the main reasons a man could be feeling constantly tired or that they have low energy would be low testosterone. This can come from aging. With the decrease of testosterone, a man might have a lowered sex drive, irritability, lower energy, and depression. Many symptoms can come from low-T and each of them can affect a man both mentally and physically. It is important when getting older, to keep track of what is changing and make sure it isn’t out of the ordinary. 

If low testosterone is the reason you are having low energy, there are therapies and medication that are able to help supply natural doses of testosterone. This may help you see an increase in your energy and help not feel so fatigued earlier in the day. 

Exercise Changes

If you are someone that has a stable exercise routine and has stayed on top of it for long periods of time, suddenly stopping it may cause your energy to plummet. Your body has gotten used to a certain amount of working out and exercising and by stopping it, over time, your muscles may become weaker or your weight may fluctuate. 

On the other side of this, if you may not exercise at all, adding exercise may be a great way to help your energy level. Adding a routine to your day or week can help build up muscle, and level out any weight issues. Starting up a routine, or going back to a routine, is one way to fight low energy and fatigue. 

Iron Deficiency

While an iron deficiency is more common in women, it can be the main reason why one may find themselves tired through the day and unable to feel rested. This can occur from having low vitamin levels, an unbalanced diet, and many more. 

You could feel yourself growing tired faster, being dizzy, shortness of breath, and even tingling in your hands. If you may have these symptoms it can be important to go to a doctor. 

Sleep Apnea 

Having low energy and mid-day fatigue can also be from sleep apnea. This is where a person would have irregular breathing through the night. They may wake up with headaches or have trouble concentrating too. Symptoms of sleep apnea may not always be a direct descendant of sleep apnea, but it is important to keep it in mind while narrowing down options. 

While there can be many reasons a man could be tired through the day, there are some great options and treatments out there to help get their energy back. 


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