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On: March 2, 2017
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OTC Testosterone

Over the Counter Testosterone Supplements, They’re a Problem

Educating you on OTC Testosterone is something we’re dedicated to so we make sure all of our clients don’t use it

The fitness industry has created a lot of buzz around the use of over the counter testosterone supplements and ways to increase them so that your results in the gym, in the office, and at home are better than expected. This has created buzz around general health world, while that’s definitely a good thing to spark men with low testosterone symptoms to think about their overall health, it has caused me to question legitimate treatments like we offer.

The reason over the counter (OTC) testosterone products are a conversation is simple, they do not work. On top of them not working, they have proven to be quite dangerous.

While nutrition companies claim that this is a quick-fix to low testosterone, it will make you feel great, it will increase your muscle mass, it will give you energy, it may, but none of these options are regulated by a medical professional.

Basically, they are a read the instructions, take the recommended amount, and hope that it works. But, what are you actually taking? Are any of the ingredients tested and proven for results? For safety?

Testosterone Supplements Are Risky without Guidance

Just like getting sick, you go to the doctor to get guidance on how to medicate yourself properly, when you’re feeling depressed, down, have low libido, and erectile issues, you don’t go for the quick fix, basically, you do NOT do go to a nutrition store to fix medical issues. Leave that to the medical specialists here at Mantality Health.

There’s a few reasons we suggest this: hidden ingredients, no monitoring, unknown bodily reaction.

Most testosterone supplements have no ingredients label or explanation to what is inside of them. Basically, you’re just putting a pill or powder blindly into your body hoping for results, that without a medical professional available and a medical lab readily available for testing, you’ll never know what you actually put into your body, if it actually raised your testosterone levels and if it did, where did the levels actually get raised to? Is it a safe zone? Check out this Men’s Health video to understand a bit more about why they don’t work.

While hypothetically, let’s discuss if they actually worked, over the counter testosterone supplements, that is, you may boost your testosterone so high, how do you know if that’s safe?

The side effects of elevated testosterone levels can be found in the linked article, but most commonly, acne will form mostly on your back and shoulders, minor testicle shrinkage may occur, your fertility may be reduced, you will have an increase in hair loss and a rapid rate, and lastly, an enlarged prostate which can lead to prostate cancer.

No monitoring on any sort of testosterone treatments is an absolute mistake. Throwing off your bodies physiology further than the norm can cause a mess of symptoms mentioned above. Just like having low testosterone can cause symptoms, having excess amounts also does.

If you are supplementing on your own in an attempt to increase your testosterone levels, come visit us here at Mantality Health, we have locations in St. Louis, MO, Madison, WI, Des Moines, IA, and Omaha, NE.

Using OTC Testosterone Supplements Doesn’t Work

We all know that the way you’re supposed to generate testosterone is naturally. Your body is supposed to create its own testosterone, so ingesting it in a powder or pill form isn’t natural and testosterone that isn’t ingested that way, possibly ordered online, can put your liver at risk.

Semantics can be discussed about what supplements do and do not work, ultimately, this discussion no longer exists if you go into a medical office that treats low testosterone. At Mantality Health, we have medical doctors and nurses on staff who have the experience to understand where your levels currently are and how we are able to optimize testosterone levels.

Use Medical Professionals for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hopefully understanding that testosterone replacement is a medical treatment that should be performed by medical professionals with the correct tools, equipment and prescribed testosterone, you should always speak to them before any sort of treatment for testosterone, over the counter or medically.

While performing treatment, medical professionals are recommended because the levels need to be checked on a consistent basis to ensure they are at the optimal testosterone levels. Understanding that self-treatment can lead to bigger problems is exactly why we recommend you use an accredited facility like Mantality Health for low testosterone treatment.

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