A Boston marathon qualifier and a 300-lb. right guard for Mizzou have very different training regimens. Telling a marathon runner to block the nastiest, meanest linemen in the SEC would be a horrible decision. At the same time, an offensive lineman trying to run the Boston marathon may be the literal death of him. If it’s so obvious why different training requirements are recommended for specific athletes, it should be just as obvious why “one size fits all” medical treatments are ill-advised, even dangerous in some situations.

For example, the American Heart Association bases much of its “standard” guidelines on decades of research and clinical trials almost exclusively featuring men. In fact, the AHA recently released a statement on how female patients following the prescribed deadlines are “leading to worse outcomes and increased rates of readmissions, re-infarctions and deaths in the first year after MI.” (Boston Heart Diagnostics) This is simply one of numerous instances where prescribed general medical guidelines can be even detrimental to follow when applied to a diverse collection of patients.

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