Watching your kid play their favorite sport is a great way to enjoy the summer. As you plunk down your lawn chair and slather on some sunblock, you realize, “I’m the old guy.” Sure, there may be other dads there and some may be about your age, but you feel old. You’re only 52, but it might as well be 92 with how sluggish and unenthusiastic you feel.

It took ten minutes just to walk the few hundred feet from the car to the field and you were already out of breath. You’re dozing off between plays and your energy is melting under the afternoon sun. Whatever happened to the focused, energetic athlete you used to be ten, even five years ago?

You may think slowing down is just a part of old age. The truth is that your lack of energy and overall feeling “old” may be a sign of low testosterone. Being old and feeling old don’t have to be synonymous; you can enjoy a full, enthusiastic life at any age if your testosterone is where it should be. Restoring your testosterone starts with a simple blood test. Our Mantality staff can perform a variety of tests based on the initial blood sample to give you an accurate perspective on how your testosterone levels may be affecting your everyday life.

Don’t settle for being the “old” dad. You can have more energy, cheer, and do a goofy Dad Dance for your favorite athlete without feeling like life is just passing you by. Get outta your chair and get to Mantality to take back your life starting today. If you have questions or concerns about testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT as it’s often called, we would love to share helpful information with you. Our team created a FREE eBook available here for immediate download to help you learn more about testosterone replacement therapy. Download your FREE eBook right now and schedule your next appointment today.