Newest Men’s Health Clinic in Milwaukee

On: March 21, 2018

Men’s Health Clinic in Milwaukee

Mantality Health has finally made it near you! We are the newest men’s health clinic in Milwaukee, WI. We were born and raised in the Midwest and have helped thousands of man transform their lives by helping them reach their goals. Whether they’re doing testosterone replacement therapy because of their lack of energy, their weight gain, more time with their family, more mental clarity, we treat these men and HELP them reach their goals!


What Men’s Health Services Do You Provide in Milwaukee?

We are a low testosterone medical office (low t clinic) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are an FDA approved, insurance accepted testosterone replacement therapy company helping men with issues ranging from libido to weight gain/loss. We believe that all men should look good, feel good and perform better in all aspects of their lives. That’s why we created a treatment that is monitored by a medical doctor and nurse practitioner who make sure that low testosterone isn’t the only medicine we provide.


Working with your general physician, we provide overall men’s health treatment. We’re not a one-stop shop only wanting to optimize your testosterone levels. We ensure that the underlying issue is in fact low testosterone through a blood test and we will make sure that there are no other limiting factors in your health. But, most men aren’t sure exactly why they are treating low t, we’ve created a state of the art educational system that ensures when you are explaining testosterone replacement therapy to people or having that conversation with your general physician, you will be well educated in understanding your overall treatment. We want to make sure you walk away from the office after each visit knowing that you understood what our medical staff was explaining.


How do you know if you have low testosterone?

There are a few options and reasons that people have low testosterone. First of all, we have 25% lower testosterone levels than our grandparents generation because of the nature of our work. As manual labor becomes less and less, our testosterone levels decline because our bodies think that we aren’t needing the energy levels, which we all know is not true. But how do you recognize if you have low testosterone? The symptoms of low testosterone can be found below:

Lack of Concentration Due to Low T

Men's Health Clinic in Milwaukee

While low testosterone can’t solely be explained as the ONLY reason you have lack of concentration, it’s one of the signs your testosterone levels are low. If you find yourself at the office at 2 PM running to the coffee pot because you can’t keep your eyes open, or because you’re no longer able to “think” through your day. It’s a large sign that you’re experience the symptoms of having low testosterone.


Decreased Muscle and Strength Due to Low T

One of the most common symptoms we see in men are a loss in muscle mass and strength with a gain in stubborn, hard to lose fat. This is from a mixture of our desk lifestyles and low testosterone, having both can create a recipe for disaster to your health. While most men see an increase in muscle mass not all men see “weight loss”. What does this mean? Almost all of our clients see a reduction in fat cells and an increase in muscle mass which can sometimes result in weight gain. But, you have less fat, more muscle and a more toned body.


Depression Due to Low T

One of the hardest symptoms for men to deal with is depression due to having low testosterone. Because of the decrease in hormones, a lot of things can add up and provide stresses on the body which can lead to discovering that you have depression. A lot of men think that it’s the result of age and things beginning to pile up, while we can say that it’s always a possibility, low testosterone can contribute to this significantly.


Low Libido Due to Low Testosterone

Have things been difficult in the bedroom? When it comes time, do things seem to take longer? There’s a couple of reasons that our bodies change. As testosterone is a large factor and one of our main sex hormones, having little amounts of it can make things difficult when it comes to being intimate.


Poor Sleep Due to Low T

Sleeping is vital to anyone’s health. But there’s a lot of reasons that you could be getting poor sleep. At Mantality, we make sure that our medical staff analyzes every factor to your health to see if it is in fact low testosterone. But, in many cases men above the age of 35 that are sleeping poorly are experiencing the effects of having low testosterone levels and getting poor sleep.


Weight Gain Due to Low T

Low Testosterone can cause you to gain weight. Now there’s a common misconception when it comes to weight gain and low testosterone and it’s that it is a magic treatment that sheds pounds. Of course, your body will respond to having optimal testosterone levels, but understanding that testosterone is a large factor in the retention of muscle and growth of muscle. Your body can begin utilizing these testosterone levels to help aid in muscle growth which tells your body to use the fat cells as fuel. This means that it’s possible you “gain” weight, but you lose your body fat and gain muscle mass resulting in a more toned look. Some men do experience weight loss also.


Why are we the best men’s health clinic in Milwaukee?

It’s simple, we provide no bullsh*t treatment. We use the most cutting edge treatments that are approved by the FDA with licensed medical physician and staff who care about your overall health. If there’s more than low testosterone as an underlying problem, we will help you figure that out and point you in the right direction for the best treatment options. Along with that, we accept most insurance options for treatment only after we complete your FREE consultation.


If you’re interested in seeing if you could have low testosterone, remember if you’re between the ages of 35 and 64 and are experiencing ANY of the symptoms above, you probably have low testosterone, click here to schedule an no-hassle free consultation or call 262-599-6401 to talk to someone today!


We are located at 19265 W Capitol Dr, Suite #101, Brookfield, WI 53045.

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