It’s safe to admit it: you’re stressed. Maybe it’s your new project load at work or your boss being a pain. It could be that life at home isn’t fun right now with the kids or your spouse and you’re feeling stretched to the breaking point. What you may need is a guys night out, a now scientifically-proven solution for reducing stress and helping a man’s overall health.

University of Gottingen researchers based in Germany recently concluded an extensive study of Barbary macaques, an ape from Algeria and Morocco, that display an uncanny resemblance in their social behaviors similar to humans. (Source) The stress levels in adult male macaques dramatically increase when around their mates or other family members. However, the adult males’ stress hormones decrease when with a group of other adult males.

Additional research discovered that only adult females and couples, not adult males, appear to be vulnerable to stress-related illnesses. Researchers found that the scientific similarities between the Barbary macaque male tendencies and human men is near identical. While our spouses and kids do need us to be present in their everyday lives, we as men also need to spend some time with other guys to decompress and let go of the stress we’re experiencing from our schedules and responsibilities.

So, grab a brew or two, shoot the breeze, and have a good time with your buddies for a guys night out and watch your body respond.

Unfortunately, there are some stress factors that can’t be fixed with a guys night out. If you’re feeling stressed because your sex drive is gone, you can’t concentrate, or your muscles feel like they’re not responding to exercise, you may be a victim of low testosterone. Did you know that one in every four men age 30 or older suffers from low testosterone? This doesn’t have to be your future; you can take back the life you want through testosterone replacement therapy at Mantality.

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