The Diet You Must Follow for a Successful Testosterone Boost

On: December 8, 2017
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The Diet You Must Follow for a Successful Testosterone Boost

Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy Food

If you’re on TRT, you may want to supplement it with natural testosterone replacement therapy using food. Here are testosterone boosting foods you must eat!

As a man, part of growing older is dealing with lower testosterone levels.

Low testosterone carries with it a number of negative effects. Not only can men have trouble with concentration, mood, and energy, they can also have trouble with muscle growth and sexual stimulation. In essence, low testosterone can be a serious problem.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to help men replace and boost their testosterone; namely: natural testosterone replacement therapy. But treatments alone will not get the job done. You must also possess proper lifestyle and dietary habits.

This is the diet you must follow for a successful testosterone boost.

1. Red Meat

One of the absolute best foods for boosting testosterone is red meat such as beef, veal, pork, and lamb.

High in protein, it helps to build muscle and release an important testosterone hormone called glucagon. Therefore, the more red meat that’s consumed, the more testosterone that will be created.

However, this does not give you carte blanche to eat as much red meat as possible. When eaten in excessive amounts, it can be bad for your cardiovascular system.

Mix it in with other foods and eat it in moderation to see the best results for your overall health.

2. Bananas

You may not think of fruit as being good for testosterone development, but in the case of bananas, it is.

Bananas are high in quite a few testosterone-inducing nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, including vitamin B, bromelain, and potassium. This makes them terrific natural supplements for those who are looking to increase their testosterone.

Your best bet is to eat bananas as a snack, replacing sugary and salty foods which actually lower testosterone.

3. Beans

Another food you’re going to want to work into your diet if you’re partaking in natural testosterone replacement therapy is beans. Like red meat, beans are extraordinarily high in both protein and zinc. The zinc contained within beans is very easy to absorb, fostering the seamless development of testosterone.

The type of beans you should focus on are kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, lentils, and chicken peas.

Working beans into meals shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. They work terrifically as side dishes regardless of what it is you’re eating.

4. Eggs

What better way to start off a morning than with a plate of fried or scrambled eggs? Fortunately, eggs are actually terrific for those who are trying to increase their testosterone levels.

High in B6 and B5 vitamins as well as in protein, they promote not only muscle growth, but energy boosts and libido boosts as well.

But, like red meat, eggs should not be eaten in excess. While they provide quite a few health benefits, they can also cause some problems; namely: high cholesterol and heart disease.

5. Coffee

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’re on the right path to high testosterone. Coffee doesn’t just make you feel energetic in the short-term, it has long-term effects as well.

However, in the case of coffee, timing is everything.

Drinking coffee at night will typically make it more difficult for you to sleep. Being sleep deprived typically results in lower testosterone levels.

The best time to drink it is at the beginning of the day or before a workout. This allows the caffeine to truly work for you.

6. Butter

Butter gets a relatively bad rap. Most think of it as a heart disease-inducing substance which is high in cholesterol and generally bad for you. But the fact of the matter is that this is simply not true.

If you’re eating natural butter, you’re eating a food which is high in vitamins E, D, A, and K2. You’re also eating a food which is high in saturated fats.

Together, these vitamins and fats help to create hormones which are vital to the development of testosterone.

7. Grapes

Another fruit which is useful for the development of testosterone is grapes.

Grapes help promote the boosting of testosterone because they’re high in a substance called resveratrol. Resveratrol not only elevates the levels of hormones but ups sperm count as well.

Therefore, eating grapes as a regular snack is great for the inducing of testosterone.

8. Oysters

While oysters might not exactly be up your alley, they are fantastic for testosterone growth. Raw oysters, in particular, will do the best job of spiking your testosterone.

This food is filled with zinc which is vital in the development of testosterone. In addition, it packs quite a bit of protein.

Eating raw oysters will not only up your sperm count, but will improve your overall libido as well.

9. Fish

One of the most important foods to eat if you’re trying to spike your testosterone is fish. Salmon and tuna, in particular, will go a long way in improving your testosterone levels.

The reason that fish helps to develop testosterone is that it’s filled with vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital to the proper functioning of the male reproductive system.

If you’re not into fish itself, you can also get some of the same benefits from fish oil. This is a supplement which you can take every morning before work or exercise.

10. Garlic

The last food that is great to eat in tandem with natural testosterone replacement therapy is garlic. While garlic is not traditionally eaten in large amounts, it can be easily spread up and baked into a number of different dishes.

Garlic offers benefits for reproductive health, upping your sperm count and increasing your overall libido. Eating it will release hormones which are hugely important in the development of testosterone.

So, next time you’re eating a sandwich, or pizza, or a salad, sprinkle some garlic onto it and reap the benefits.

Seeking Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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