Low T In Aging Men

On: May 10, 2019
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Mantality Health Helps Men To Better Address Falling Testosterone Levels With Age

The androgen hormone in men responsible for the development and maintenance of the male characteristics and features is known as the Testosterone. Low testosterone level however is a major concern for aging men, men who have begun experiencing low sexual functions or those experiencing low energy.

The condition causing low testosterone in men is sometimes called andropause or androgen deficiency of the aging male (ADAM), and in most cases can be referred to more commonly as hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS).

While this condition remains undesirable among men, there are treatment options for the condition which have proven to be significantly helpful over the years and constant researches have revealed new medications which have been useful in normalizing and regulating testosterone levels in the male body.

To better understand this condition, there is the need to first understand the basics of testosterone production and what can affect the production level in the body.

Testosterone Production

The pituitary gland located at the base of the brain controls the testosterone production in the testicles. The level of testosterone production increases during the adolescence stage thus resulting in the development of masculine features and a healthy sexual function such as muscle development, hair growth, changes in voice, sperm production and other male sexual characteristics. The testosterone levels continue to rise in the average male until the early 30’s when the production begins to slowly decline at a rate of about 1% annually.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels in men are not readily detectable as the signs are often subtle and could easily be missed and overlooked even by doctors. However, some of the typical signs and symptoms associated with this condition include the lack of sexual interest or desire, decreased erections, depressions, low energy levels, fatigue, osteoporosis and more. It has also been medically established that while most men may be susceptible to this condition, those living with diabetes, erectile dysfunction, depression, persons on chronic opiate pain medication and men with stressful chronic diseases such as AIDS, COPD, and cancer are at the highest risk of low testosterone levels.

Diagnosis of Low Testosterone

Initial diagnosis may arise from conversations with your doctor and a definitive diagnosis may be made through the combination of the symptoms of the condition and a blood test for testosterone levels taken at different times. Additional tests which may be conducted to establish this condition include test for pituitary hormone levels and test for circulating proteins that inactivate Testosterones. In the case of positive diagnosis, the doctor may suggest testosterone replacement therapy as a safe treatment for the condition.

Low Testosterone Treatment

Once positive diagnosis for low testosterone has been established, treatment should be regarded as a long term plan which requires commitment and careful monitoring. Clinical guidelines recommend regular examination and evaluation of Testosterone levels, blood counts, and Prostate-specific antigens (PSA) levels to better tract the effects of treatment on the condition and prostate.

There are a number of current treatment options available to choose from including the

  • Daily topical gels
  • Injection administered at different times and frequency such as weekly, biweekly, or every 10 weeks
  • Testosterone suppositories,
  • Nasal sprays and more.

To learn more about low testosterone levels and effective treatments, visit https://mantalityhealt.wpenginepowered.com/low-t-clinic-in-milwaukee-wi/




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