Low Impact Workouts to Fight Against Injuries

On: November 30, 2021
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The idea of exercising may have gotten tainted by a past injury or trauma. This can stop people from exercising altogether and could be detrimental to their physical health. If you had an ankle injury in the past from a run, fell during a hike, or anything else that might’ve stopped you from exercising, there are other ways to get your workouts done.
Low impact workouts are there for the people who still want to get their workouts in for the week but are nervous about previous injuries or exerting themselves too much. Many low-impact exercises can be done by anyone and not be too harsh on their bodies while still giving them the physical exercise that they need.

Hit the Water

While access to a pool or lake may not be easy for some people, there are exercises within those places that can be great for their whole body. Swimming is well-known as a cardio and low-impact exercise that almost everyone could be able to do. While your body is in the water, there is virtually no way to impact your body at all. You are only feeding your body benefits within your muscles. Swimming has similar benefits to running and could be considered more beneficial than walking.
Another low-impact water sport could be rowing. Now, rowing can be done in a lake with a small rowboat, but there are physical rowing machines in gyms as well if you do not have access to the other option. Rowing lets you sit down and not put too much pressure on your joints while also letting you work out your whole body. Rowing focuses on your back, legs, and core.

Find a Bike

Thankfully, cycling can be done on an actual bike and also a cycling machine at a gym if you can’t get outside. Either way, you are getting a great cardio and low-impact workout in. It is a non-weight-bearing exercise, meaning it may be easier than running or walking. Cycling helps work out multiple muscles within your body and can keep you away from any past injuries.
While cycling can come with many benefits, there are some downsides to the workout in men. Excessive cycling may cause testosterone levels to lower and lead to lower sperm count and quality. That doesn’t mean to quit cycling altogether, it just means to work it in with other low-impact workouts to get a good variety going.

Outside Fun

Many things we consider as fun activities can also be considered low-impact workouts. Roller skating and rollerblading can help perfect balance and the gliding feel can help put less stress on your joints. Not to forget that it can be very fun.
Snowshoeing brings a lot of benefits if added to a workout. Not only are you getting outside, but you are also doing a form of hiking and working out your whole body. While it may only be walking, having to walk through snow can work out your leg muscles more than simple walking.
Lastly, golf can be considered a great low-impact exercise. It helps you get outside and be with friends, while also helping with movement, strength, and balance.
In the end, exercise doesn’t have to be about the phrase, “no pain, no gain.” There are many low-impact exercises out there to help replace those tough workouts while still getting your physical activity in for the week.

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