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On: October 22, 2018
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Omaha Low Estrogen Symptoms Explained

There’s an epidemic around low testosterone in the Midwest recently. With all of the locations and low testosterone clinics popping up, we wanted to explain why the first hormone replacement therapy clinic in Omaha, NE is where you should go. Suffering from low testosterone isn’t the only issue within hormone imbalance. Low Estrogen can also cause a mixture of issues. Healthy testosterone levels are important, but understanding that there are more factors including your estrogen levels is why you need to visit Mantality, we check everything…

Fatigue and Tiredness

Having low estrogen levels can cause you to experience fatigue. If you’re feeling tired throughout the day or just in general throughout day-to-day activities, it could be low estrogen. If you oversleep, take naps, you may be even sleeping through your alarms. The lack of sleep is a vicious cycle that can affect all of your hormones, sleeping poorly can drain your testosterone levels and estrogen levels. If we don’t have the proper hormones, our body doesn’t function well. Sometimes people are confused and are feeling “under the weather”, but generally, this leads to hormone imbalance. But, without taking the proper steps to understand what the issues are, you’ll never find out if it is low testosterone, low estrogen, or neither. The symptoms of low testosterone as well as the symptoms of low estrogen can wreck havoc on your life. A simple blood test and determine the problem! But it’s not just being tired that can be a sign, erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur when your hormones are out of whack.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction is very common in men and with the way that our jobs are leaning, food is being processed, it’s only getting worse. This isn’t something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t represent manliness, in fact, it can save your relationship, it can save your marriage. In our eyes, that’s being a man. Understanding that ED is a science thing makes it so much easier to talk about it with professionals. As your estrogen levels decrease, your body reflects hormone imbalance in different ways. Erectile Dysfunction is treatable, and at our clinic, understanding you’re speaking with a board-certified medical professional, we understand confidentiality. That’s why we formulated our prescription medication just for our clients.

Don’t let the hormone balance that’s thrown off effect your life, it’s as simple as contacting us, insurance even helps!

Depression and Anxiety

While a mixture of things can lead to depression or anxiety (or even both), low estrogen and even low testosterone levels can lead to this. The general reason is because the hormone imbalance makes you sleep poorly, and being tired, you become depressed. Do you want to be the Dad who sleeps on the couch after work, misses kids’ soccer practice, football practice, or is seen as the “couch potato”? Nobody does, that’s why a simply blood test can show us if you have low testosterone or low estrogen. The most important factors are that you are seeking help, medicine is changing, technology is advancing and there ARE options for treatment. Why wait?


Being irritable is something we think is normal today? Of course, the fast-paced, high-stress world has wired us to be this way. But what if we told you there was a way around that? What if we told you with a simple blood test that you could find out if low estrogen is causing you to be irritable. It wasn’t just your wife being mad at you or your coworkers driving you insane. It could absolutely be a medical condition that’s outside of your control. Mood swings are absolutely related to estrogen. We hear a lot of men say, “what about roid rage?” It’s refreshing to explain that the mood swings and irritability actually come from treating low testosterone poorly, meaning your body is over converting testosterone into estrogen and developing a low estrogen symptom. Of course, people think it’s difficult to factor in that “estrogen could be the cause”. But really, again, it’s a science thing, estrogen isn’t specifically related to women just as testosterone isn’t specifically related to men. Understand that as a man, hormone imbalance can become a real problem. Have your levels tested today…

Low Estrogen Symptoms can be Similar to Low T

While you may think it’s age, you may think it’s just who you are now, that’s not the case always. It can be attributed to hormone imbalance as well as specific other issues easily detected by our medical professionals with a simple blood test which most insurances will accept! We have locations spanning the Midwest in Omaha, Nebraska, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Des Moines, Iowa, North Liberty, Iowa, and St. Louis, MO.

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