It’s 2:47 in the afternoon. You’re slouched at your desk. Yes, you’re working, but if you’re really honest, you’ve been staring at the same sentence for five minutes. It’s happening again- that 3:00 energy escape. The mid-afternoon hits and your motivation lasts as long as sunscreen at a nudist colony.

You need sugar, so what do you do? Should you down an energy drink and wait five minutes? You tried that last time, but it left you jittery and a little bug-eyed. You’d love a cup of coffee, just not coffee from your office since whomever’s in charge of coffee seems to like torching the coffee grounds and using paint thinner for brewing. No office coffee for you.

You grab a Coke, no ice, and a bite-sized Snickers from the corner of your desk. Your go-to is sugar, which is why you keep a candy bowl by your desk phone. Sugar can give you a short-term relief, but what your body really needs is balance.

Sugar isn’t bad; in fact, your body needs sugar (glucose) to stay healthy. On a very basic level, carbs, like breads and pastas, break down into sugars to fuel your body. Carbs keep us going through our day. This is why marathon runners and NFL players pound the carbs before a big event. When your body is low on sugar, it can leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy. The easy solution is grabbing a piece of candy or slamming a soda to get your energy going again.

What your body may really need though is a healthy amount of testosterone. Restoring your testosterone can give you more than an energy kickstart. Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT as it’s often called, can help reboot your sex drive, build your muscle strength and tone, knock off stubborn belly fat, boost your concentration, and get rid of any depression or anxiety.

Do you have to stop with the sugary sweets? You’re a grown man; you decide what to do. We’re not judging your sugar intake, but rebalancing your testosterone can mean you don’t need sugar to make it through the afternoon. All it takes is a simple blood test to see where your testosterone is at.

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