While there are several articles on the internet dealing with the topic of low testosterone levels in men and treatment plans such as consumption of superfoods to boost testosterone levels or testosterone therapy, a major issue remains rampant, and this is the lack of factual talk from persons who have dealt with the condition for years.

Approaching Lowered T Levels

While there are different approaches to dealing with low testosterone levels for men, there is the need to understand that this condition can really change the lives of affected persons as they are required to gain control of their testosterone levels, a task which otherwise should have been unconsciously handled by their bodies.

To better understand and deal with this condition, there is the need to stay exposed to some of the real life applications which have worked for several persons dealing with the same condition.

Below are some of the most powerful ways to increase your testosterone, both medically and naturally.

  1. Consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)
  2. Consume plenty of fat and cholesterol
  3. Stay away from sugar and excess carbs
  4. Work out and rest afterwards
  5. Choose supplements

Consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Testosterone replacement therapy remains one of the most controversial recommendations in the treatment of low testosterone levels. However, this treatment option should be considered no different from using a thyroid medication. It is important to note that there is no compelling moral, religious and legal argument against keeping your male sexual hormone in check and this is one of the more reasons why you should choose what is best for you. There are several options to choose from when planning on a Testosterone replacement therapy. Some of the options which you should be exposed to include;

  • Testosterone cream/gel
  • Testosterone pellets
  • Sublingual, non-bioidentical testosterone

Consume plenty of fat and cholesterol

The body understands the importance of cholesterol as it breaks it down to pregnenolone which is further broken down into androstenedione which gets broken down to testosterone, the end point which is desired. It is important to note that every single sex hormone in the body begins as a cholesterol and this further strengthens the argument for cholesterol consumption. It is important to note that cholesterol does not make you fat.

Avoid Sugar and excess carbs

Sugar is one of the worst enemies of testosterone and should be avoided. Eliminating sugar from your diet along with excess carbs can be a powerful tool to improving your testosterone levels and overall performance.

Work out and rest afterwards

Another important tip for getting your low testosterone level up is exercise and rest. It is recommended that you engage in proper exercises as this is known as the original testosterone booster. Men have been reported to notice a sharp boost in their testosterone levels and their human growth hormone (HGH) after lifting weights and observing shorter rest times in between sets. Adopting a High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is also recommended especially for persons who are on a short time or don’t wish to spend extra hours at the gym working out.

Choose supplements

It is also recommended that you choose vitamin D and zinc supplements as these are both essential to testosterone production in the body.

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