You’re taking testosterone replacement therapy and starting to feel great… until you notice your testicles starting to shrink. What the-! Should you stop taking testosterone? Why are your testicles shrinking on testosterone? It’s because your brain isn’t sending the right chemical signal.

TRT raises your body’s total testosterone levels, which can yield great results, like getting your motivation and sex drive back, your muscles starting to tone and build, and your brain focusing more. The problem is that once your body’s testosterone levels get to a healthy level, your brain stops sending the luteinizing hormone (LH) signal to your testes. The luteinizing hormone activates the Leydig cells in your testes region to produce more testosterone. No LH stimulation leads to no Leydig activation, which in turns leads to no natural testosterone production.

Without the stimulation of the luteinizing hormone, your testes will not produce more testosterone until your levels drop below a normal range. This can cause your testicles to shrink in size because of lack of use. This is where Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) plays a crucial role in keeping your testicles happy and healthy during TRT.

HCG acts as a synthetic testosterone stimulation, similar to LH. HCG activates the Leydig cells in your testes and restore your testicles back to a normal size. HCG can be injected into subcutaneous fat or into muscle tissue. We recommend taking HCG three times a week at a dosage of 500IU for one week, then taking three weeks off while undergoing TRT. There are several important details we can share with our patients on how to properly administer HCG.

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