How To Get More Out Of Your Relationship

On: April 19, 2021
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A relationship is a fifty-fifty partnership. Working together and going through hardships with each other is a key part of growing and making a relationship work. However, while it is a mutual relationship, there are always ways to be more present and approachable on your end. 

Improvement is something we see in all walks of life. The human race is forever improving in technology, socially, and on a personal level. The status of a  relationship is always going to be on the list of things that could need improving. Whether it be your own, or a friends’, there are always ways to create a stronger bond with the one you love. 

We each have our own love languages, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Our partners may not have the same language as ourselves so it can be important to work with them and understand what they might need. There are so many ways we can do this. 

Understand Yourself

Whether you do this before or during a relationship, it is important to understand and know yourself. Setting goals, aspirations, or even hobbies is a great way to ground yourself and a great way to grow yourself within your relationship. 

Having a goal set out for yourself in life is a perfect way to grow yourself emotionally, physically, and in the world around you. It gives you something outside of your relationship, but something to share and to be proud of while with your partner. You and your partner are there to support each other in your goals, and your partner can be there to give you that well-earned pat on the back. On the other side of things, it can also be a way to see if your partner is going to be there for you in the ways you may need it. 

Understanding yourself in the terms of limits and boundaries is also important while in a relationship. Throughout your life, a lot can change like interests, goals, testosterone levels, and physical appearance. All of these things can change what you may think and do, and acknowledging those changes is a great way to keep your own boundaries steady. 

Communicating and Sharing

Being a shoulder to cry on and someone to vent to is amazing for your partner, but this goes both ways. Don’t forget to talk about yourself. Bottling up issues you may be having, whether they are about the relationship or not, or ignoring your emotions can be a sure-fire way to seem distant from your partner. 

Your partner wants to know that you trust them enough to speak to them. A relationship is a fifty-fifty split and that includes the communication sector as well. 

Making Them Feel Special

Making your partner feel special can go back to those five love languages. As we all have different ways of showing love, it can be important to understand what you and your partners’ are. This can help to figure out how to make them feel special a little easier. If they like acts of service, maybe do the dishes for the day. Or, if they prefer gifts, making a simple card out of printer paper can brighten their day up tenfold. 

In a relationship, it is all about understanding yourself and your needs, while also understanding your partner and their needs. You are both vital to the flow of the relationship, it is important to cherish that. 


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