How Men Can Help When Trying to Conceive

On: November 23, 2021
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When a couple is trying to get pregnant there are many questions that can run through their minds. Each partner might be wondering if they are fertile enough or if they can be doing anything else to help get a better chance of a positive pregnancy test. It is important that each partner is making sure that they are physically and mentally healthy ready to have and parent a child.

How Does Testosterone Show Itself

Physical health is something that has probably been drilled into your mind since you were a child, but that need doesn’t go away as you get older. If anything, physical activity becomes more important. Not only can it help get your body in a more healthy state and grow good habits for after the baby is born, but it can also help boost mental health as well. Starting a workout regime or even just jogging every day can help lower the stress within your mind and help you become calmer inside your mind.
Picking out the proper exercise can be up to personal opinion, but do keep in mind you are trying to conceive. Excessive bike riding has been shown to lead to possible negative outcomes and lower sperm count. Fortunately, other exercises like weight lifting and cardio can bring many benefits.

Unhealthy Habits

Excessive drinking and smoking have been known to possibly affect fertility in men and also cause mental and physical problems down the line. If you are trying to better yourself for yourself and your partner, getting out of those habits may be crucial. Staying away from heat may also be beneficial for men. If you tend to spend a lot of time in a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, it may lead to a decrease in sperm count and quality. Taking a look at your day-to-day activities to see how they may affect your fertility could be vital.

Doctor Check-ins

You may see your partner start to go to the doctor more when trying to conceive, and that can go the same for you. By going to the doctor and seeing where your physical conditions lay, it can help hone in on what you may need to work on or get answers to unknown possibilities.By going to a doctor you can also make sure that your testosterone levels are appropriate and in turn, know that you are fertile. It can be important to learn this before you start for a baby to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed or changed.


One of the most important things that can be done when trying to conceive is to support each other. Trying for a baby can be a very stressful time in both of your lives and you don’t want to lose the love and support you two have for each other in the process. Going to each other’s doctor’s appointments, working out together, eating better together, or really anything that can be done together through trying to conceive can be a great boost for both of you.

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