How Masturbation and Testosterone Levels Mix

On: June 28, 2021
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Low levels of testosterone may affect a man in many ways as he gets older. Once he turns 40, he may start losing around 2% of his testosterone levels every year from there on out. These lowering levels, there are many things that may start to change in them both mentally and physically and it is important to see those changes and understand where they are coming from so they can be treated accordingly. 

There can be many natural and medical ways to help increase testosterone levels as they start to decrease. These ways may help bring them back up to their natural levels and help you feel like you again. However, there are some short-term things that you may be doing that have helped your testosterone rise naturally in your body. This may be a mixture of masturbation and sexual intercourse. 

How It May Help

While we may look at low testosterone and see that it can lower sex drive, there are ways to help get around that and try to help. Of course, cleaning up your diet, exercising, or starting testosterone replacement treatment may help, however, masturbation and intercourse may as well. 

It has been found that testosterone levels can rise when men masturbate or have intercourse. If they participate, their T-levels will be shown as higher than if they just masturbated. Testosterone levels are shown to increase significantly more if the man has sex. 

These results can help show that sexual activity can affect testosterone levels but not the other way around. Having frequent sex or masturbation may help raise your t-levels naturally afterward and help keep your sex drive where you want it to be. 

Taking a Break

Having intercourse and masturbation may be keys to having short term boosts of testosterone, however, so has taking a break. It has been found that abstinence may also have a beneficial factor in raising your testosterone levels. 

It was shown that after seven days of no intercourse or masturbation, a man’s testosterone levels had increased. 

This study also showed that having intercourse after a three-week break from intercourse can cause extreme boosts in your testosterone levels as well. 

While these may seem like they are contradicting themselves, it is important to keep in mind that every man’s body is different and that you may respond to things differently. 

What That Means

In the end, this could help show you that having intercourse with your partner can help your testosterone levels rise in a natural way and that creating pleasure, in general, can be beneficial. There is also the factor of abstinence possibly helping out your body’s levels as well. Just like adding exercise or a change of diet, all of these ways to help grow your T-levels are all based on what works for you. 

It may take some time to figure out what really sticks out to you and what helps, however, just remember that there are many ways to go about it. Everybody is different and will react to everything uniquely.

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