How Low Testosterone Could Affect Fertility

On: July 26, 2021
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Testosterone is the hormone that is produced in men that affects their muscles, bones, fertility, and even mentality. When testosterone levels become low or varied, it can affect a man on many different levels. It can really change the man’s well-being and how he goes about his usual day-to-day activities and motivations.
Low testosterone can occur in men with age and just means that their testosterone levels are lower than their average rate. To really see how low, a blood test is usually done to figure that out and then to help see if next steps could be taken. When a man does have low testosterone this may cause him to become weaker in his muscles, hair loss, loss of sex drive, and possibly depression or anxiety. While low testosterone does happen with age, it can also happen if a man is going through a disease, overweight, or other physical problems as well. Low T-levels can also affect sperm count.

How is Fertility Affected

If a man has low testosterone levels, this will not cause infertility. While testosterone is needed to help sperm production, there are actually many other hormones that are used to help create sperm as well. With those other hormones, the number of sperm may not change that much, or at all depending on the man.
While sperm production may not vary too much, if a man does have low testosterone, it could cause him to lose his sex drive and have a lower libido than he is used to.

How to Help

There are ways to get your testosterone levels back up to the way you may be used to them. There are multiple ways of applying when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. It could be done through pills, pellets, and even shots. Whatever you may be more comfortable with, it could help raise your T-levels. This could help make you feel stronger, get your sex drive back, or even level out your mental state as well.

Possible Downsides

If you do plan on taking any form of testosterone replacement therapy, there is one important thing to know. By taking replacement T, you may cause yourself to then become infertile. You are planning to have children, it is recommended that you wait to start any treatment until afterward.
If you have only been taking T replacements for a short period, it may be able to be reversed if you stop immediately. However, if you have been on them for a while it is impossible to reverse the effects of infertility.

Natural Ways to Help

If you do have low testosterone levels but still want the possibility of children, there can be ways to help yourself in the meantime. Adding a routine of exercising has been shown to help raise testosterone for short increments. Weight lifting could be the most beneficial but any exercise is better than nothing. Similar to that, changing to a healthier diet can also help. Making sure you are eating the right amount of proteins, greens, and fibers can make a huge difference in how you feel day to day.
In the end, it can all vary from what your own personal goals are and what you want to get out of your life. Simple natural changes may be great ways to help yourself both physically and mentally while also benefiting your testosterone levels.

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