Testosterone is integrated into everything physical and mental in a man’s body. Testosterone is there to help level out both the mental side and physical side of a man and when his levels seem to lower, there can be clear changes within him. 

Mental health isn’t something that people may think of too often, especially if they don’t seem to have any mental issues. However, even with men who don’t have depression or anxiety now, when t-levels start to drop, it can move to the forefront of their minds. Both physical and mental health can be considered a never-ending circle. If your physical health is being kept up with and you are paying attention to your body’s needs, your mental health may be pretty good around that time. However, if your mental health takes a dip for a little while, your physical health may do the same. It can be important to keep a close eye on both as you age and your testosterone may lower. 

Mental Health Symptoms

There are quite a few new emotions that could be brought on by a lowering level of testosterone but it can show in different ways depending on the man. 

Depression could be one of the more clear-cut symptoms that arise. Depression could be seen to be caused by other happenings in a man’s life, and connecting it with low-T levels may be difficult. There may be a more direct cause, however, with lowering T-levels, the feeling of depression may seem more prominent and harsh on the man’s life. 

If there may not be other root causes for mental illness, lowering testosterone may bring upon irritability. This may be why we look at movies and cartoons and see older men as crotchety and grumpy all the time. However, there is a very simple reason for that, low testosterone. It can cause a man’s mood to lower without much reason why and cause them to be more annoyed at the things around them. 

Another tell-tale issue that could occur would be anxiety. Even if the man may not have had mental health problems in the past, anxiety still may come with age and low testosterone. 

How to Help

While mental health problems can be helped by a better physical routine or a cleaner diet, these things won’t cure them or stop them completely. But they are advised as a good helper. 

There are many ways to help gain testosterone back into your body and help level out your T back to where you are used to it. This can be done through testosterone replacement therapy and can be as simple as putting on a patch or taking a pill every day. Since there are a handful of ways to replace your T-levels, it is important to go through the options with your doctor and see which would be more beneficial to you. 

Low T-levels are not the end of the world. Thankfully, there are many ways to help yourself and still be the man you know yourself to be.