Alcohol, while a tasty and fun drink for some, can be debilitating if taken in large amounts and excessively over time. Men and women can both react to its effect differently but when it comes to the health of your body, it is important to understand what’s happening. Not only can it give a slow downed mental effect while drinking and make you feel out of the body, but it can also do great harm to your body itself.
For men, the effect of alcohol can really hinder the body and do some long-term damage if too much is drunk. While you are drinking, you may want to remember what the outcome of those drinks could be. What we put in our body can make a huge difference in how we feel and how our body grows. Just like how a lot of fast food may not be great for our body and mind, alcohol can be similar.

Weight and Looks

Outwardly, alcohol can have a huge effect on how you may look. Some alcohols like beer can be very high in calories and if too much is drunk, over time you may see possible weight gain. In men, weight gain is usually represented in the middle of the body in the belly and waist, which is where the term beer belly came from. Alcohol can not be burned like other fatty foods could be so it takes the place of the fat in our body instead of that fat being burned later.
Other than weight, beer can also affect your hair and skin as well. You may see some hair loss, dryer skin, or even bad breath and bloodshot eyes with excessive alcohol drinking.

Sex Life

Alcohol can have a large impact on a men’s sex life as well. Since it can affect many internal problems, it can also reach your sexual tendencies. Alcohol can control a man’s nervous system which can lead to it being harder to get and keep an erection.
On top of that, excessive drinking can also affect fertility in men as well. Alcohol has been known to lower testosterone levels which can then lead to a lower sperm count. With a low sperm count, there may be fertility problems that come along with it.

Long Term Effects

It isn’t hidden that alcohol can cause a lot more problems than just the ones listed above. It is well known that no matter who you are, there are a lot of issues that could arise from excessive drinking.
This could look like possible strokes and heart disease. In men, heart disease is already a raised concern, so to add alcohol to the question could be a dangerous game.
Of course, liver damage is another risk that could occur. Other organs such as your pancreas and stomach can also be affected and be inflamed and irritated. Some of these problems can’t be easily fixed and may need long-term help.
There are many risks that can be involved when drinking heavily. Keeping your body and mind strong and healthy is very important as you age and alcohol can put those goals at risk.