10 Common Testosterone Replacement Therapy Myths

On: December 1, 2017
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Myths About Hormone Therapy for Men

If you are suffering from low testosterone and have been thinking about TRT, check out this guide debunking some common myths about hormone therapy for men.

Tired all the time? Struggling with muscle tone? Struggling in bed?

It’s possible that you’re suffering from low testosterone. Whilst the obvious thing might seem to get you some more of that stuff, there are lots of myths flying around that have put many men off investigating this.

Hormone therapy for men, particularly testosterone replacement therapy could help boost your sex drive, help you rebuild muscle tone and regain some of that lost energy.

Here’s our 10 point guide, debunking myths you might have heard about hormone therapy for men.

1. It’s Illegal

There has been a lot of confusion between taking steroids to bulk you up and taking medication for low testosterone. Of course, testosterone has been abused by some athletes and gym goers, giving it a bad name.

In this article, we’re talking about hormone replacement therapy for men, under the supervision of a doctor and because of a genuine medical need.

In this case, it’s perfectly legal, and very beneficial if you are suffering from low testosterone levels.

2. I’ll Grow Man Boobs

Excess chest fat in men – man boobs- are actually the result of an excess of estrogen in the body. This leads to water and fat being retained in the chest area.

Make sure that in addition to testosterone, your hormone replacement therapy for men also includes a medication to reduce this excess of estrogen.

3. I’ll Have Uncontrollable Aggression

Whilst this is a common myth, it is not backed up by science.

A 2009 study tested a group of 120 people with testosterone therapy. When put in stressful situations, it was expected that, in line with popular opinion, those receiving the testosterone would react more aggressively than the control group.

Startlingly, their results actually showed the opposite, with most reacting better than those on placebos. This seems to show it’s what we think about testosterone, rather than what it does that makes the difference.

4. I’ll Become Magically Ripped

Erm, no. Sorry.

If that came in medicine form, everyone would be taking it. If you’re suffering from low testosterone, then redressing that balance with specialized hormone replacement therapy for men is going to help to address underlying issues.

Brain fog, tiredness and lack of energy from low testosterone all make sticking to a healthy lifestyle that much harder. So whilst you may find the going easier with the therapy, the 6-pack is still going to take some work.

5. I’ll Sound Like Barry White

It seems logical that since your voice broke at the first flood of testosterone in adolescence, it’ll go down a few notches again with hormone therapy for men.

Actually, you’ve probably gone as low as you’re going to go. What testosterone replacement therapy could help you avoid is your voice actually going higher and weaker, as commonly happens in men as they age.

6. It’ll Increase My Risk of Prostate Cancer

In the past, lower levels of testosterone were linked with lower levels of prostate cancer.

Whilst the Endocrine Society does still advise against testosterone replacement therapy for people currently suffering from prostate or breast cancer, this doesn’t mean that it is a total write-off for survivors.

As to whether it causes prostate cancer, recent studies suggest that there is no link between testosterone and increased risk of developing this form of cancer.

7. It’ll Increase My Risk of Heart Disease

Long-ranging studies of thousands of patients have been conducted to determine whether there is any truth in the claim that testosterone replacement therapy increases your risk of heart disease.

These studies actually found that rather than increase the risk, the risk of cardiovascular events, such as stroke and heart attack was actually lower in men who were taking the therapy.

8. It’ll Cure My Erectile Dysfunction

There are many cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) could be greatly helped by the use of hormone therapy for men, such as testosterone replacement therapy. It can also help to boost your sex drive.

However, it has to be remembered that ED can be a complex issue, with many possible causes. It’s always best to discuss your particular case with your doctor and find out whether this could be the right therapy for you.

9. I’ll Lose My Hair

To say testosterone replacement therapy causes baldness is a gross oversimplification.

Baldness happens because of a number of factors, including genetics, environment, even stress. However, there are some men who are prone to losing their hair. If you are one, get this checked out before starting therapy.

If you are ‘androgen sensitive’ then this therapy could potentially increase the activity of dihydrotestosterone, which affects hair follicles. Additional therapies can counteract this effect.

Therefore, it is important to get this tested before starting therapy.

Not all men are affected in the same way. Get yourself checked out, before ruling it out!

10. My Testicles Will Shrink

If you were given testosterone supplements alone, the body could conclude it has enough and quit producing its own. This could lead to testicular shrinkage.

However, this is not the way that our testosterone replacement therapy works. Along with testosterone, you will be given Sermorelin. This is a peptide and works by stimulating the production of human growth hormone.

This, in turn, stimulates the body to continue producing its own testosterone, meaning your therapeutic does tops up your levels as it’s meant to. This protects you from testicular shrinkage.

Hormone Therapy For Men: The Takeaway

Now you’ve blown away ten common myths – and probably found the reverse is true in many cases.

Rather than turning you into a raging, busty criminal, hormone replacement therapy for men could actually put a spring back in your step, and help you regain muscle tone that you have been losing.

Check out our testimonials from real patients whose lives have been transformed by this treatment.

If you think that low testosterone levels could be affecting your life, book in for an appointment to see us in our clinic. Depending on your plan, it may even be covered by insurance.

Click here to make an inquiry today.

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