Decreased testosterone production can be a natural result of getting older. However, what you may not know is that certain health and lifestyle conditions can negatively affect your testosterone production. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may want to consider testosterone replacement therapy to enhance your energy as you fight for a healthier future.


A beer or two after work won’t drop your testosterone levels. However, alcoholism can interrupt and even inhibit chemical pathways from your brain to your testes. Cirrhosis, noticeable scarring of liver tissue, is a frequent side effect of alcoholism and a damaged liver also reduces testosterone production.


Hemochromatosis means your body is unnaturally storing extra iron from your diet. Without proper storage for an abundant amount of iron, our bodies begin to store extra iron in improper locations, including the testes. Hemochromatosis in your testes can cause low testosterone, which can be alleviated by regularly donating blood. Translation: find a blood bank and save someone else’s life and your testosterone at the same time.


As many as twenty percent of men living with HIV also suffer from low testosterone. (HIV Equal) HIV can inhibit brain receptors that signal chemical reactions in hormone-producing glands to produce testosterone. Liver damage caused by HIV is also a known contributor to low testosterone.

Pituitary tumor

The pituitary gland is a key regulator of testosterone production in men. Although pituitary tumors are rarely cancerous, their presence can make significant reductions in testosterone production. Two of the more common symptoms of a pituitary tumor are changes in eyesight, particularly blurry vision, and headaches.

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