Does Low Testosterone Affect Fertility?

On: June 17, 2017
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Are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant? The problem could lie with testosterone. But does low testosterone affect fertility? Read on to find out.

In P.D. James’ novel The Children of Men, humanity is no longer fertile. We’ve stopped producing children and the world is a very bleak place. The human race faces total extinction.

As the novel points out readily, fertility is quite important to the survival of the human race or any race of beings for that matter. And our instincts typically lean toward protecting our procreating capability.

But sometimes our biology doesn’t cooperate with our desires. Many factors affect a man’s fertility. But one, in particular, can be quite damaging. Low testosterone.

So, if you were wondering “does low testosterone affect fertility?” the answer is yes. But how and can you boost your testosterone? Let’s take a look.

How Does Low Testosterone Affect Fertility?

Testosterone is an important element in sperm production. The pituitary gland controls how much testosterone gets produced. And if your pituitary gland isn’t functioning well, you won’t produce enough testosterone.

When you don’t produce enough testosterone, your sperm count will drop. And the number of sperm you produce determines your fertility.

Essentially, if you’re shooting blanks something might be wrong with your head. But it’s not always the pituitary gland that’s malfunctioning.

Sometimes, testicular damage could cause infertility as well. You might be getting all the hormones that trigger testosterone production, but your testicles might not be responding.

As you age, your testosterone levels go down naturally. This is why men gain weight as they age.

So, one of the reasons you might not be fertile is your age. Unlike women, men should be fertile until they are old. But if you began with less “T” production than normal, you could eventually have a T-Pause.

If you have low fertility and can’t conceive with your partner, you should see a urologist or an endocrinologist. Your doctor should be able to accurately diagnose your infertility and suggest the best treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a kind of “infertility.” Your lack of sexual performance has nothing to do with your manliness and it has everything to do with your hormones.

Low testosterone is often the culprit for erectile dysfunction in men. And this is one of the reasons Viagra is marketed to older men. Older men usually have less testosterone than younger men.

But if you’re young and can’t get it up, then you probably have low testosterone production.

You should definitely see a neurologist for this as they can help you build your manly abilities through their treatments.

So, does low testosterone affect fertility? You bet your bottom dollar it does!

I’ve Been Taking Testosterone and I’m Still Infertile

Your body is made to function properly. That sounds like common sense, but it’s often the reason why self-treatment for conditions such as fertility doesn’t work.

If you didn’t go see a doctor for your infertility problems and you just started taking supplements, you may not be doing your body a favor.

The ironic thing about testosterone is that your body stops producing testosterone when it detects there is enough. So if you fill your body with artificially injected testosterone, your body will think it doesn’t have to produce any testosterone. And it will stop producing.

If you’ve been trying testosterone supplements for increased muscle gain, this could be another culprit of infertility. Because, again, your body might end up deciding there is enough “T” in your system and stop producing.

You should stop self-treating and go see a doctor right away. Your doctor might have some better ways of helping you with your infertility problems.

How to Boost Fertility Naturally

Well, we’ve answered the question “how does low testosterone affect fertility?” but we haven’t shown you how to boost your fertility.

A few lifestyle factors do affect both your testosterone levels and your fertility. Here are a few things you can change on your own:

Keep Them Cool

Hot tubs just aren’t good for your balls. Your balls need to stay at 35 degrees Celcius for ideal sperm production. But a hot tub can increase that temperature by a degree or so and damage your production.

This is actually one of the reasons men have their ball hanging on the outside rather than built in like women’s ovaries. The testicles need to stay cooler than the inside of the body for proper sperm production.

Shed Those Pounds

Men who are overweight might have less testosterone than skinnier men. In fact, belly fat can convert your testosterone to estrogen. And estrogen doesn’t do anything to help your fertility.

You should try and diet to shed those pounds if you are overweight and want to increase your fertility.

Smoking Kills Your Baby-maker

We all grew up with the anti-smoking ads that showcased black lungs pulled from dead smokers. But what they don’t ever tell you in ads like that is the effects of smoking on your sperm count.

Those death sticks in between your fingers, while they undoubtedly conjure cool images of James Dean and Katherine Hepburn, they definitely lower your testosterone levels. And you know what lower “T” levels do to your sperm count!

Dump the Excessive Alcohol

Not only will too much alcohol make you gain belly fat (which can turn your “T” to “O”), but it also directly lowers your testosterone levels. Alcohol impairs your brain’s ability to produce the hormones that trigger testosterone production.

And besides increasing your testosterone and possibly upping your fertility, cutting back on alcohol is just plain good for your health.

Get Enough Sun, You Vampire!

If you just hide out in your basement playing video games all day, chances are you have low testosterone. And it’s not because you live with your mother…but that could present problems all on its own.

Not getting out into the sun enough will cause a lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for your immune system. It also helps you produce testosterone.

If you can’t get enough rays, then try eating food rich in Vitamin D. Fatty fish, certain cereals, and mushrooms all have great Vitamin D.

Get Exercising!

Whether it be a jog around the block every day or running on a treadmill or a 6-mile trail, get that body moving.

You will lose weight and increase testosterone production and generally feel better about yourself.

Conclusion: Just Be Healthy

Now that you know the answer to the question “how does low testosterone affect fertility,” the best way to boost your fertility is by being healthy. Eat right, exercise, cut the fats, alcohols, and smoking. You’ll feel better and find you’re quickly gaining on the fertility side.

If you’re experiencing low testosterone, find a location near you for your free consultation on testosterone treatment.


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