Testosterone and Blood Pressure: Is There a Link?

testosterone and blood pressure

Get this: men with lower levels of testosterone have seen an improvement in their blood pressure levels after TRT therapy. So, what is the link between testosterone and blood pressure? We’re glad that you asked. At this time, studying the connection between the two is still an intricate subject. But when it comes to testosterone and high blood pressure,…

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Will Testosterone Help Me Lose Weight? Here’s the Truth of the Matter

will testosterone help me lose weight

Crazily enough, testosterone and weight loss are completely related. In fact, studies have shown that men who receive a testosterone booster for weight loss drop pounds and maintain their new physiques too. Will testosterone help me lose weight? A new study shows that obese men receiving testosterone shots lost weight, but doctors are divided on the results. Here’s the…

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Low Testosterone and Depression: Is There Really a Connection?

testosterone and depression

What is the link between testosterone and depression? The sad truth is that men who have lower levels of testosterone suffer from much higher rates of depression. Clearly, more and more studies are pointing at the fact that low testosterone and anxiety may be intrinsically linked to each other. Question: does low testosterone cause depression? Take…

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Does Testosterone Make You Lose Hair? Correlation Is Not Causation

does testosterone make you lose hair

Fact: when it comes to male pattern baldness, a whopping 50 million American men have been affected by hormone imbalance hair loss. On top of that, 30 million American women have been negatively impacted by estrogen and hairloss too. Don’t want to become another statistic? Desperate to stop asking yourself, “does testosterone make you lose…

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What Is Andropause?

what is andropause

What is andropause? To answer this question, let me ask you another one. Have you ever heard of the term “male menopause”? It refers to an age-related drop in male sex hormones, also known as androgens, that can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms, from decreased muscle mass to fatigue and lack of sex…

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Vegan Testosterone Boosters: How to Increase Your Levels on a Plant-Based Diet

vegan testosterone

This is crazy: according to researchers, vegan men have 13 percent more testosterone than their carnivorous counterparts. Not only that, but vegan testosterone levels are almost 10 percent higher than vegetarian testosterone levels as well. Looking to naturally increase testosterone? Then you’re on the right track because veganism is often linked with an increase in…

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Testosterone and Aggression: Can High T Levels Make You More Aggressive?

testosterone and aggression

Believe it or not, people with higher testosterone levels are more aggressive. So, does testosterone make you angry? The answer is simple: unlike serotonin and cortisol, testosterone triggers aggression in the brain. Want to learn more? Let’s examine the link between testosterone and aggression, including what scientific research says! What Does Testosterone Do? First of all, what does…

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Mood Swings in Men: How Low T Impacts Your Emotional Health

mood swings in men

Do you find that you’re particularly exhausted at the end of your workdays? Do you find yourself straining to remember the simplest things? Are you moody all the time? Mood swings in men are one of the many symptoms of low testosterone. Plus, there’s a strong link between low testosterone and chronic diseases like arthritis…

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Low Energy in Men: How to Fight Fatigue from Low Testosterone

low energy in men

Everyone gets tired. According to the New York Times, Americans are among the most stressed people in the world.  But sometimes fatigue is just the tip of the iceberg. Low energy in men can be the result of major hormonal imbalance.  It’s possible to fight this fatigue by understanding the root cause. Low testosterone levels…

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