Low T

How Lack of Sleep Reduces Testosterone Levels

sleep reduces testosterone

The average person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. But in the world of Emergency Medicine, that number is a dream. Emergency Medical workers typically have a 24-hour on-call shift, a time period in which they may sleep but need to be prepared to wake at any time and make life-altering decisions for patients in…

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9 Foods that Block Estrogen in Men

foods that block estrogen

Did you know that 1 out of 4 men older than 30 has low testosterone? That’s true. And while most people are focused on the decreasing testosterone levels, little attention is paid to estrogen. That’s right, estrogen isn’t only found in women. It’s also found in men; just in smaller amounts. Unfortunately, you can increase the…

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Does Vitamin D Increase Testosterone Levels?

does vitamin d increase testosterone

Low testosterone levels occur in approximately 24% of men age 30 to 70 in the United States. Several physical and mental or emotional symptoms may appear with this deficiency. The good news is that there is treatment available to help you return to the way you used to feel and look. This article focuses on…

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Free Testosterone Is The Key To Treating Low T

Men who suffer from low testosterone, or Low T, complain of: fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased strength, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido. When blood tests confirm a testosterone problem, they can be successfully treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The blood test of total testosterone is one piece of the puzzle,…

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Labs for Libido: How to Test for Low Testosterone

how to test for low testosterone

If you’re worried about testosterone, you’re not alone. About 25% of men over 30 have the same problem.  Thankfully, with the right testing and treatment, you can get a handle on this problem, whether you’re 35 or 75.   First, your doctor will confirm your testosterone levels through a blood test. Don’t worry, even if you…

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The Effects of Vitamins on Low Testosterone Levels

vitamins for low testosterone

There are one in four men in America with low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that both men and women depend on for growth, energy, libido, and more. In men, testosterone ushers in puberty, the development of sexual organs, bone, and muscle mass. Testosterone is key to a healthy and balanced life. When there…

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TRT Benefits: Improve Cognition and Performance

TRT Benefits

TRT Benefits: Improve Cognition and Performance TRT Benefits: Improve Cognition and Performance As men lose testosterone levels, their cognition and physical performance declines. One of the TRT benefits is improvements in both areas. Although women get a bad rap for being hormonal, it’s not like men don’t have issues with their internal functions, too. Sure,…

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