Low T

Low Testosterone Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Low Testosterone Treats Erectile Dysfunction If you’re considering low testosterone treatment, think about this: your low libido or erectile dysfunction is just a few side effects of low testosterone. If you are considering testosterone therapy or testosterone replacement therapy, it may be the cause behind your low libido or erectile dysfunction. But, as we all…

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Low T Symptoms: What Low Testosterone Does to Your Health

Low T Symptoms

Low T Symptoms: What Low Testosterone Does to Your Health Low T Symptoms: What Low Testosterone Does to Your Body Feeling low t symptoms? You need to know what low testosterone is doing to your body to know the best ways to move forward. We’re telling you how it works here. Worried that you may…

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What Does Testosterone Do for the Body, Exactly?

What Does Testosterone Do for the Body, Exactly? Suspect you’re suffering from low testosterone? You’re not alone, and knowledge is power. What does testosterone do for the body? Find out here. What makes a man, a man? Ask 100 people and you’ll get 100 different answers. Some will say how he treats others. Some will…

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Free Testosterone Is The Key To Treating Low T

Free Testosterone is the Key to Treating Low T

Men who suffer from low testosterone, or Low T, complain of: fatigue, weakness, poor sleep, poor concentration, decreased strength, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido.  When blood tests confirm a testosterone problem, they can be successfully treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).  The blood test of total testosterone is one piece of the puzzle,…

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Is this summer the year to get rid of your Dad Bod?

Ready to get rid of your Dad Bod? Last summer saw the short-lived craze celebrating the “Dad Bod”. Leonardo DiCaprio was praised for having a less-than-fat-but-sure-not-toned abdomen and some Hollywood tidal wave pushed the “Dad Bod” as the new standard of male sexiness. The Dad Bod tells the world, “I lift weights every once in…

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What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

There are many physiological and psychological benefits that come from having healthy testosterone levels. Many of these benefits are obvious, such as improving your sex drive, but others may not be as obvious. As a disclaimer, not all men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will experience the same benefits as others. Your doctor or…

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How Bloody Important is Regular Blood work for Testosterone Therapy?

You’re doing all the right things to stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet? Check. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night? Most nights, sure, with the occasional exception. Exercising with weight-resistance and cardio at least three days a week? Yep, even check out these guns! You may even have a V8 every now…

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UCLA Professor Claims Testosterone Therapy Only for Specific Men

A UCLA professor testifying before a Food and Drug Administration joint meeting stated his belief that only certain men should receive testosterone therapy treatment. Ronald Swerdloff, MD and professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, appeared before the Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management…

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Low T Made Me Do It

Low T St. Louis Are you an honest guy? We hope it’s because you’re a gentleman, but your testosterone may have more to do with it than you realize! A University of Bonn study shows that testosterone, the main sex hormone in men, is also a supporter of social behavior, including honesty. (Science Daily) The…

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