Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer while watching football or after mowing the lawn? Popping the top off an IPA is a great way to unwind and enjoy the moment. Of course, you probably know that hops are a main ingredient in beer, specifically IPAs. What you might not know is that hops are also full of phytoestrogen, a hormone used for treating menopause and endometriosis. It is also used to increase milk production in lactating women.

Translation: Hops are giving you man boobs.

We understand if that statement made you just spew your brew, but this is info you need to hear about your beer. The brewing community has long associated hops with “beer breasts” or “brewer’s droop,” a reference to their effect on men’s pectoral muscles after significant consumption of hops. (Independence Brewing Co.) The imbalance of estrogen due to hops consumption is what lowers testosterone, which naturally decreases muscle tone and density and causes your pecs to slouch. Hence, the term “man boobs”.

Long-term exposure to hops can also cause erectile dysfunction. The chemical properties of hops act as an anaphrodisiac, naturally decreasing sexual desire. Monks used hops during the Middle Ages to help suppress their sex drives. 

One solution is to drink beer without hops. Hop-less beer may sound like treason, but there are excellent hop-like substitutes you can use in your brewing process, such as yarrow, a bitter herb that’s common to mountainous communities. There are several other hop substitutes to be found in nature, but independent brewers must study and understand each ingredient’s risks and chemical compounds for proper safety. 

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