Men seeking treatment for low testosterone, also known as low T, have limited options. One option popular among family physicians and urologists is “andro-based” gels. A simple written  prescription from the doctor and the patient is able to apply the testosterone in a gel form under the arm.  “Andro-based” gels are the most common treatment being used by the men who transfer to our office for testosterone treatment. Often, these gels failed to address the low testosterone symptoms.  Patients still experience the symptoms of low T: weight gain, decreased libido, muscle mass loss, erection issues, and sleep disturbances.

There are 3 main reasons andro-based gels Fail to treat the symptoms of Low T.  I will touch on all three over the next few blogs.  The first reason is the simplest and most commonly overlooked:

#1 REASON TESTOSTERONE GEL DOESN’T WORK:  You are applying as much Estrogens as you are Testosterone.


Here’s Bob applying Topical andro-based gel. This allows Testosterone to be absorbed through the skin

into the blood stream raising T levels:

TESTOSTERONE / ESTROGEN is a balance in men. Andro-based gel treatment is trying to restore that balance; however, when we POUND our bodies with estrogens through using these soaps loaded with estrogens WHILE AT THE SAME TIME applying testosterone gel.    A healthy balance of hormone levels can never be established.   To find out all the hormone disrupting chemicals in your house, read 4 Ways your Bathroom is Making you a Woman. It will give you guidance to what to avoid to protect your manhood in the bathroom.

We have written a free ebook, available for instant download titled “Andro-based gel Did Not Work – 3 Reaons Why“.  If you have tried an andro-based gel and it did not raise your low T levels or you continued to lave low T symtpoms, download this ebook and read the three reasons it may not have worked for you.

Because the gel did not work for you does not mean that you don’t have low T and it does not mean that you can’t be helped.  Contact a provider who specializes in the treatment of low testosterone and hormone balance for men.  With the proper care, you can find the results you deserve.  If you want a free consultation with one of our board certified specialists, contact us and we will connect you with a board certified provider.