9 Foods that Block Estrogen In Men

On: August 11, 2019
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Did you know that 1 out of 4 men older than 30 has low testosterone? That’s true. And while most people are focused on the decreasing testosterone levels, little attention is paid to estrogen.

That’s right, estrogen isn’t only found in women. It’s also found in men; just in smaller amounts. Unfortunately, you can increase the amount of estrogen by eating wrong. Which is why you need to start eating more foods that block estrogen.

Testosterone is designed to help balance estrogen in the body. But, when you have more estrogen in your body than you do testosterone, you’re bound to experience some negative side effects.

For instance, low T results in man boobs, depression, low energy, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, low sperm count, and increased belly fat in men.

But elevated estrogen, on the other hand, can encourage severe health issues like stroke, cardiovascular disease, and prostate problems.

Luckily, you can reduce high estrogen levels by eating more estrogen blocking foods. Before that, let’s talk about why estrogen levels rise in men.

What Causes High Estrogen Levels

A 2007 study established that men’s testosterone levels have been dropping since the 1980s. With an average drop of around 1 percent every year, this means that a 60-year-old man in 2007 probably had 17 percent less testosterone than a 60-year-old man in 1990.

This is incredibly alarming considering that it seems to be depreciating with every generation. This study shows a similar decline rate between men born in the 1920s and those born in the 1960s, with the latter experiencing double-digit testosterone decline.

Unfortunately, with rapidly declining testosterone levels, there’s a matching rise in estrogen levels. There are probably many reasons for low T, with the most common being less physical activity, poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The good news is that with the right treatment protocol, this can be fixed. But, the treatment has to be holistic, seeing as estrogen dominance has become a real global issue.

It’s not enough to pop a few supplements every day or take hormone injections every week. You must also adopt healthier lifestyle habits, and eat estrogen-blocking foods.

Some researchers think that elevated estrogen levels are partly caused by the consumption of certain foods containing phytoestrogen, which go on to encourage the production of the aromatase enzyme.

This enzyme is important in the production of estrogen as it converts androgen to estrogen. These estrogen sources from plants are thought to inhibit the production of testosterone and encourage the production of estrogen.

So, according to the Journal of Medicinal Food, if you cut back on these foods and eat more foods that block estrogen, you should be able to reduce your estrogen levels.

What Are the Best Foods That Block Estrogen?

The following foods are great for kicking down your estrogen levels and increasing your testosterone.

Red Grapes

This is a great source of natural estrogen blockers. The fruit’s skin and seeds contain two compounds called resveratrol and proanthocyanidin. Combined, these work to inhibit the production of estrogen in the body.

The seeds, in particular, are effective as an aromatase inhibitor in women who are prone to breast cancer. Since aromatase is a key compound in the elevation of estrogen levels, eating these will limit the production of this enzyme.

Red grapes are tasty and can be eaten just about anywhere. As a convenient source of foods that block estrogen, you should always have some handy as snacks. While there are red grape supplements, it’s better eaten fresh and in its natural form.


Studies have shown that some mushroom varieties are quite effective at lowering estrogen levels in the body. These include portobello, baby button, white button, crimini, and shiitake.

They work like red grapes -by inhibiting the production of aromatase in the body. Eating these foods that block estrogen production will do wonders for your health and transform your health.

The good news is they’re dynamic in their use. You can sautée them with onions, or add them to salads. If you don’t know how to pick the right ones, just buy those in the grocery store.

Those are already picked and packaged by people with the know-how. They are safer too as they know the healthy and poisonous ones.

Cruciferous Vegetables

These are great estrogen blocking foods that you can eat at any time. They’re rich in isoflavones which prevent the production of estrogen. You already know vegetables are great for your digestive health, and the supply of vital minerals and vitamins.

These cruciferous veggies have the added advantage of blocking estrogen and getting your testosterone levels back up.

Some examples include turnips, rutabagas, brussels sprout, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and collard greens. You really can’t go wrong with these if you’re looking for foods that block estrogen.

Wild Nettle Root

This is a commonly used ingredient for prostate drugs. The leaves or roots are frequently used and help with keeping the prostate healthy.

Luckily, they’re also rich in estrogen blocking compounds. Eating this frequently will inhibit the production of estrogen and keep your testosterone levels high.

Whole Grains

If you have high estrogen levels and have been eating whole grains frequently, we’re pretty sure that’s not the cause of your problem.

This is because whole, unrefined grains are not just effective at improving digestion and aiding gut health, they’re also great as foods that block estrogen.

Whole grains are usually rich in anti-estrogen polyphenols, which is what makes them an excellent food source. If you’re not currently taking advantage of these foods, now is the time to do so.

Some examples of great whole grain foods include barley, rye, brown rice, millet, wheat, oat, and corn. Just eat more of these to properly enjoy their multiple benefits.

Sesame and Flax Seeds

Seeds have always been great for improving digestion and aiding bowel movement. However, they are also proving to be great at reducing estrogen levels in men.

The more potent seeds include those from sesame and flax. These are rich in polyphenols, which are great at regulating estrogen production in the body. Polyphenols are commonly found in plants and vegetables.

The good news is that flax seeds are very nutrient-dense and highly rich in polyphenols. So, it makes sense that if you’re looking to reduce your estrogen levels, you would take seeds that have highly concentrated amounts.

Flax seeds are particularly preferable because of its high concentration in lignans. The good news is they’re readily available and easy to find at any grocery store.


Most people don’t think of pomegranates as a rich source of estrogen blocking foods, but it’s been proven to be one of the best foods that block estrogen. This is mostly because it is very rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants.

As a result, the fruit is gaining popularity as a rich source of anti-estrogen compounds. The good thing is it can be eaten as is or juiced for max results.

If you’re too busy to cut it up and eat, or juice by yourself, just buy organic pomegranate juice from your local grocery store. These are just as rich in nutrients and estrogen blockers.

Green Tea

This is wildly popular for its relaxing properties, weight loss benefits, and high polyphenol content. Green tea is usually rich in antioxidants, which is why it’s highly touted as a good estrogen-blocking drink.

Some studies point to its possible ability to metabolize estrogens in men. Not just that, green tea is great for lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and stroke.

If you haven’t been drinking green tea, perhaps now is the best time to start.


Multiple studies have shown that taking large amounts of turmeric can both increase testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels. The studies which were carried out on rats showed great potential for its active compound, curcumin.

This is not surprising seeing as turmeric is a known antioxidant powerhouse, that some people have used for the treatment of cancer.

The good news is that it’s very affordable and can be added to your meals as a spice. Some people recommend combining it with black pepper to further increase its bioavailability.

If you don’t want to add it to your foods or drinks, there are many turmeric supplements available in the market. Just make sure you’re buying from the right source.

Also, maybe check with your doctor first as high amounts may result in frequent urination.

Foods That You Should Avoid

Now that we’ve talked about foods that block estrogen, it’s equally important to talk about those that encourage its production. This way, you don’t end up canceling out all the effort by unwittingly eating foods you shouldn’t.

Meat Products

Start by cutting back on your meat consumption. Yes, meat is a healthy source of animal protein. But the thing is, meat also has estrogen hormones in them. So, every time you settle down to eat a medium-rare or rare steak, chances are you’re eating meat that still has some of those hormones floating around.

It’s not just that, many animals that are reared for the sake of meat production tend to have a lot of steroids in them. One of the side effects of the steroids is elevated estrogen levels in these animals.

So, if your estrogen levels are already borderline high, simply eating high estrogen meat frequently, will tip over the scales.

The same goes for dairy products. These are meat-based products that can be affected by high estrogen levels. Many farms treat their female animals with estrogen so that they can produce more milk.

Consistently drinking milk from an estrogen loaded animal will surely increase your estrogen levels too. The only way we’ll say you should continue eating meat is if you can prove that the dairy and meat products are from a farm where the animals aren’t regularly given doses of steroids and estrogen.

Cut Out Alcohol

Listen, alcohol and high testosterone levels don’t mix. If anything, it’s bound to further elevate your estrogen levels. While you may think that drinking 6 bottles of beer in one sitting is an indication of your machismo, the reality is it may increase your estrogen levels.

Worse still, because alcohol is usually high in calories, it can accelerate the symptoms of low T like obesity.

Extra Lifestyle Tips for Elevated Estrogen Levels

Apart from eating foods that block estrogen, you need to modify your lifestyle. Start exercising, eating healthier, cutting back on the consumption of dairy and meat in high quantities.

Most activities that promote increased testosterone levels in the body, will lower the estrogen levels in your body. With eating the right foods that block estrogen too, you’ll improve your chances of higher testosterone levels.

If you’re obese, now is the time to start going to the gym. And if that’s a little too much for you right now, start by just taking a walk around the block. Then gradually include some brisk walking and light jogging. And increase the intensity of your exercises as you see fit.

If you do get bored with regular walks and jogging, try cycling or lifting weights. All of these will do wonders for your testosterone levels.

Get rid of junk foods and eat healthier. There are a ton of healthy eating options that you can take advantage of to complement your testosterone replacement therapy.

Do these and watch your estrogen levels drop to its normal levels, while you get back your mojo.

Is That All on Lowering Your Estrogen Levels?

Remember how we said that you’ll need a holistic approach to this? Well, eating foods that block estrogen is just one part. You may need testosterone replacement therapy or just supplements depending on the severity of your condition.

Every man’s treatment and solution is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The good news is that these solutions are available to you. Let’s help you get back your energy, focus, stamina, strength, and sense of well-being.

Contact our specialists here at Mantality to get started today.

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