5 HIIT Weight Loss Tips for TRT Cycles

On: June 2, 2017
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5 HIIT Weight Loss Tips for TRT Cycles

Want a surefire way to manage weight while on TRT? It’s time to incorporate some high-intensity interval training. Here are 5 HIIT weight loss tips to try.

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Are you undergoing testosterone replacement therapy or TRT?  Have you noticed yourself gaining weight because of these TRT cycles? If so, you could benefit from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) weight loss tips.

Research studies show that high-intensity interval training can lead to weight and fat loss through a much shorter time frame. One study found that fatty acid oxidization increased in seven sessions over two weeks. Also, a longer 15-week high-intensity program of 20-minute sessions, 3 times per week, reduced body fat greatly.

So if you want to lose weight quickly while undergoing testosterone replacement therapy,  you should consider following the five HIIT weight loss tips below. Let’s get right into it!

1. Use the Row Machine at High Intensity

You can use the row machine to lose weight and fat but you will need access to the Watts measurements on the console screen. First, you need to row as hard as you can for 30 seconds straight.

Keep track of the Watts measurements that you get to during the first 30 seconds. then rest and don’t row for 60 seconds. Now start growing as fast as you possibly can for another 30 seconds and try to match the same Watts measurement you achieved before.

Now rest another 60 seconds. Continue this process for 10 total repetitions or until you can’t achieve the same Watts measurement you got during your first repetition.

You should also probably consult with a physician before beginning HIIT weight loss programs like this one.

2. High-intensity Squat Jumps

If you really want a high-intensity workout, you should definitely take part in some squat jumps. The first step in this exercise is to stand with your feet very close together. Then lower your body into a squat position and put your arms behind your body.

Now jump upwards and swing your arms over your head. Land with your feet hip-width apart in a squat position. Swing your arms back behind you. Repeat this exercise as fast as you possibly can.

Change the position of your feet each time from hip width to close together. Continue this exercise for one minute.

It’s important to jump as high as you possibly can when doing this exercise. You can land safely back in your squat if you keep your hips back and your knees right behind your toes.

This exercise should be great at toning muscle and helping you in your fat loss journey.

3. The Side-to-Side Shuffle Jump Helps With HIIT Weight Loss

If you’re serious about losing weight during your testosterone replacement therapy cycle, you should take part in the side-to-side shuffle jump. This exercise will keep you active and strong while helping you lose those extra pounds!

First, you need to stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Now you need to squat and reach your right hand down to the floor on the outside of your right foot.

Use your legs to jump up and land to the left of where you started. Make sure to land in a squat position.

As you land, you will also need to reach your hand to the left side of your left foot. Do as many repetitions as you can as quickly as you possibly can. Continue the repetitions for one full minute.

When you jump in this exercise, make sure to push with the outside of your thighs. Keep your form steady when you land in a squat position.

The side-to-side shuffle jump should make a big difference in helping you lose belly fat and tone leg muscle as part of your HIIT weight loss program.

4. High-intensity Plank Pike Jumps

Plank pike jumps are another great way to lose extra weight during testosterone replacement therapy. First, get your entire body into a plank position. This is essentially the position of a push-up with your arms stretched forward.

Once you’re in a plank position, you can then jump your feet forward and end with your legs near your hands. You need to land in a crouching position on the balls of your feet.

Now you will have to jump upwards with your hands holding your body up. You need to jump high enough that your feet are at the same level as your elbows.

After you jump, you will have to extend your legs out in a plank position again. This is only one repetition. You will have to repeat these steps as fast as you can for one minute.

Do as many reps as possible over 60 seconds. Your arms will need to hold all your weight. This will make jumping upwards and downwards easier.

If you find that this exercise is too hard to complete, you could move your feet in and out quickly instead of jumping.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll feel those extra pounds melt off if you follow this exercise.

5. Lose Weight Quickly with Burpees

Another important exercise to include in your high-intensity interval training is the burpee.

You can begin this exercise by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then you lower yourself to the floor in a squatting position and put your hands right in front of you.

Now you can kick your feet back and get yourself into a push-up position. Lower your chest and do a push-up. Now kick your feet back to the front of your mat and jump up clapping your hands above your head.

Repeat these steps as fast as you can. You need to complete 15 repetitions to make one full set.

However, if you are a beginner or find this a very difficult exercise, you can start with only five repetitions. You can even use weights when doing burpees.

Before you know it, your body will be trim and your muscles will be toned. Burpees are a surefire way to lose that extra weight.

So be sure to follow these five exercises to lose weight quickly when undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

Do you have any questions about how to perform these routines? Then let us know by commenting below or contacting us here.

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