4 Ways Your Bathroom is Making You a Woman

On: March 2, 2016
testosterone levels

Your bathroom is a minefield of testosterone killing products.  These products can have a significant effect on a man’s biochemistry:  decreasing testosterone, increasing estrogens, lowering sperm count . . eating away at your “manliness.”

Here are 4 products that you must avoid:

  1. Personal Lubricant: Many of the major brands of personal lubricants contain “Parabens.” There is an ongoing debate whether Parabens can be a contributing cause to cancer.  There are in fact increasing studies that show Parabens do cause serious hormone disruption.  A Japanese study showed butylparaben exposure resultsd in a reduced sperm count.  Increased exposure had dramatic effect called “feminization of boys.”  This should be reason enough to stop using all products that contain Parabens.
  2. Shampoos, Body Wash & Fragrance Products:  If it smells good, it is more than likely not good for you. Many body washes, and cleansers, may contain DEA (diethanolamins), MEA (monethanolamine) or TEA (triethanolamine). These chemicals are hormone disrupters and can interfere with the production or balance of your horomnes. It is always wise to check the ingredients of non-food ingredients. I know, we don’t “eat” these non-food items, but these chemicals enter the blood stream directly through the skin.
  3. Shaving Gels: They too can contain Parabens and because most men use these for the fragrance, often more than one Paraben can be in the gel.  Parabens are utilized many times to increase the shelf life of a product.  The stronger the smell, the more you should be cautious.
  4. Vinyl Shower Curtain: NOT MY STEELERS CURTAIN!   Yes . . .your vinyl Steelers Curtain. Vinyl curtains are made with high concentrations of chemicals which have been linked to reproductive system problems. One particular study found high concentrations of phthalates. High levels of phthalates are associated with low sperm quality in men as well as low testosterone levels.  THE NOSE KNOWS:  This study noted that the  “New Curtain Smell” was responsible for releasing over 108 volatile compounds – it appears that “New Curtain Smell” is really just the smell of toxic chemicals.

What is the effect on men?

There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence to support exposure to many of these everyday chemicals can directly reduce semen quality, result in low sperm count, male infertility, lower testosterone levels, hormonal changes, and potentially be linked to testicular and prostate cancer.  Being aware of this exposure is the first step to preserve your testosterone.

Bathroom Ingredients that lower Testosterone:

The following ingredients should be avoided to protect your testosterone levels and sperm count:

  • DEA (diethanolamins)
  • MEA (monethanolamine)
  • TEA (triethanolamine)
  • BPA (Bisphenoal A)
  • MethylParaben
  • ButylParaben
  • EthylParaben
  • PropylParaben

Proper Treatment can Restore Balance.

Treating low testosterone is not only treating overall low testosterone, but also treating hormone imbalance.  These products that can increase the estrogens in your system can upset the balance of hormones in your body.  Our physicians utilize the latest in FDA approved treatments to restore testosterone and normal hormone balance.  Give us a call to set up an appointment and learn more.

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