4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

On: July 17, 2022
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As you age, it’s common for your sex life to get a little bit less exciting. Whether it’s due to work stress, financial worries, relationship problems, or just the monotony of routine, many men (and women) experience a decline in their sexual activity or interest in sex.

However, just because it’s a common occurrence doesn’t mean you have to live with it. In fact, there are numerous ways to improve your sex life at any age, so you should never settle for a less-than-satisfying sex life.

Check out our 4 hot tips to help get the passion flowing again:

Try Something New With Your Partner

Sometimes, your sex life can decline just because you’re bored with the same old routine. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you, your partner, or your relationship. If this is the case for you, trying something new with your partner can be an effective way to break away from the boredom. While it could be something sexual (like a new sexual position or romantic getaway), it could also be something simple, such as trying a new hobby or baking something together from scratch.

Either way, make sure it’s something that neither of you has tried before. That way, the experience will bond you together and create a closeness that could boost things in the bedroom.

Communicate With Your Partner

At the same time, it’s essential not to overlook deeper relationship issues if they exist. If you feel a disconnect with your partner, you should have an honest conversation not only about sex but also the health of your overall relationship.

Discuss your concerns about your sex life and share what you feel is missing from it. Confirm that you’re on the same page in regards to your expectations in the bedroom. State what you need from your partner (as well as what you’re willing to work on). It’s also wise to seek professional help from a couple’s therapist if you feel that you need a neutral third party to guide you through these conversations.

Improve Your Health

Even though sex is just one part of your life, there is some overlap between your sex life and your mental and physical health. For example, some sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction (ED) or reduced sex drive possibly due to low testosterone levels, or other underlying conditions can damage your self-confidence and wreak havoc on your sex life.

Staying on top of your overall health can help improve your sexual performance and satisfaction with your sex life. Your doctor can offer tips on how to be healthier, but in general, eating nutritious foods and getting the sufficient exercise will allow you to feel better in every facet of your life, mentally, physically, and sexually. However, make sure to talk to your GP before making any changes to your diet or workout regimen.

Try Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Doctors often recommend performing Kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor and gain more control over your penis during sex or masturbation. To try them, find the muscles that you would use to stop and start the flow of urine. Contract them for 10 seconds and then relax. Do this 10 times per session, three times per day.

Edging is another popular technique to extend orgasm. There are a few different ways to try it, but the general idea is to get close to climax and then stop all stimulation to delay orgasm. If you haven’t tried edging before, a good starting point is the squeeze technique. To perform it, begin having sex (or masturbating) as you usually would, and then stop when you feel like you’re about to climax. Squeeze the head of your penis until the urge to orgasm goes away.

Overall, improving your sex life will likely require some combination of the four tips we’ve outlined here in addition to some open conversations with your partner and doctor, as you always want to rule out any underlying health conditions.

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