You’re not 21 anymore, and that’s probably a good thing. While you may not be the sleek and trim self you used to be back at good ol’ State U., you have noticed you feel less potent and weaker than even five years ago. Your doctor says it’s your testosterone: the tank is getting low, my friend.

Testosterone is a man’s main hormone. It’s what keeps us sexually powered, focused on work projects, feeling confident, and maintains our muscle tone and mass. Without the right amount of testosterone, if you feel like less of a man, it’s because you technically are. Ouch.

Each year one of the top New Year’s Resolutions for U.S. adults is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many men age 50 and older wonder if exercising can naturally improve testosterone levels. In a word, absolutely. Here are three simple exercises to help naturally boost your testosterone levels:

  • HIIT – High-intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a repeated cycle of high-intense workout exercises for thirty seconds to one minute followed by a longer, more leisure recovery or cool down time. The rest time following intense exercising naturally releases testosterone-friendly hormones, like insulin, melanocortins, and more. (Peak Fitness)
  • Sprints – Multiple studies link intense sprinting to natural testosterone production. One particular study of wrestlers who added six-second sprint intervals to their conditioning program experienced a significant boost in their testosterone as a result. (NCBI)
  • Heavy Lifting – Full body weightlifting exercises, like deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts, have proven to improve testosterone production as part of the body’s natural recovery process. (NCBI)

Rebalancing your hormones using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be an excellent supplement to a healthy exercise and lifestyle regimen. Our Mantality staff put together a FREE eBook available here for immediate download to answer any questions or concerns you may have about TRT. Download your FREE eBook right now and schedule your next appointment today with our Mantality.