#2 REASON TESTOSTERONE GELS DID NOT WORK:  Your Skin is DESTROYING the active testosterone in the gel before it hits the bloodstream.  Low Testosterone or Low T, is caused by decreased free testosterone in the blood stream.  Many men have tried andro-based gels without success.  Reason number 2 that Sandro-based gels fail are that it is your skin’s job.  Here is your skin’s job description:

1. Body Guard…it offers protection. One of its most important jobs, our skin provides a barrier to harmful environmental aggressors like germs and chemicals. Our skin’s acid mantle is a very important barrier which prevents absorption through skin that can result in harmful reactions. If it senses something is harmful – it attacks and neutralizes.

2. Sponge…it absorbs things. While the outermost layer of skin is designed to repel water, it can also selectively absorb oily substances that are small enough to penetrate in between the cells. The skin is evaluating what is safe, what to absorb and what to attack.

3. Raincoat…it’s a barrier to water.

4. Manufacturing Plant…it synthesizes chemicals.

5. Thermostat…it regulates your body temperature.

6. Switchboard…it transfers information.


The skin is designed protect the body. It will take the chemicals that hit the skin that are small enough to go through and attack them converting them to less harmful forms. Many times, Testosterone is converted to DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This DHT is the active type of testosterone is utilized by the hair follicles and prostate.

So . . . the skin many times converts the active testosterone in the topical gels into the form of testosterone that will increase hair growth and cause prostate swelling. If your goal is to be more hairy and need to pee more, this may be the product for you.

Low testosterone is caused by a decrease in the free testosterone or “bio-available” testosterone to hit the receptors in the brain, testes, and muscles. Men who seek treatment for low T want these symptoms treated. If you want to increase your free testosterone . . . . then the conversion to DHT is just not getting the job done.

Low testosterone is treatable . . . very treatable. Andro-based gel is not the answer for many men.  WE have written a free ebook on Androgel, “3 Reasons andro-based gel Fails“.  It is available for instant download to help answer questions on why it didn’t work and what type of treatment will help you with low T.