Weight Lifting and Testosterone Levels

On: July 5, 2021
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Having low testosterone can lead to many changes in the man’s body both mentally and physically. You may see changes in your muscle growth, facial hair, bone density, and even your day-to-day mood. Testosterone can be considered one of the more important hormones in a man’s body as it is said to make men who they are. However, when you age, you can start losing around 2% of your testosterone each year. This can have an effect on your body and mind. 

Thankfully, this is a very well-known fact to doctors and men all around and that means there are many ways out there to try to naturally or medically help raise your testosterone levels back to where you are used to them being. As your testosterone lowers, it can look different for everyone, you may not have as much trouble growing a beard as your friend might. However, even with the differences, it can be important to keep yourself healthy and your body strong with age. 

Why Exercise Helps

Exercise is one of the key ways to naturally try to boost your testosterone levels. You can also do this by changing up your diet and eating better foods. However, exercising may be the more streamlined way to do it, and in the end, it can benefit your physical health in more ways than one. 

There are some exercises that are a more efficient way to grow your T-levels. You want to be focused on muscle building and your weight. The more muscle you gain in your body, the more testosterone you will have. The same idea with your weight but reversed, if you are overweight, it can tend to lower your testosterone faster. 

Weight Lifting

When you hear muscle growth, your first thought is probably weight lifting and you would be completely correct. Weight lifting has shown to boost T-levels better than any other exercise out there. Since it is boosting muscle growth, it will cause your body to create more testosterone. 

Of course, there are specific things to be looking out for when weight lifting. 

You will want to focus your exercise on your hamstrings, chest, back, and quadriceps. These muscle groups can help you grow your whole body while also helping your metabolism as well. Focusing on the bigger muscle groups instead of the smaller ones, biceps or calves, will make sure that you are optimizing your workout and getting the most out of it. 

It has also been shown that working out your muscles in the afternoon can help raise your testosterone better than any other time of day. Meaning a quick 30-45 minute weight lifting session after work would be ideal to raise your T-levels. 

While working out, having one to two-minute intervals of rest in between your sets can be beneficial as well. This is called high-intensity interval training and it has been shown to also be increasingly beneficial when it comes to boosting your testosterone. 

While weight lifting may not be for everyone, starting off easy and at your own pace can help make sure you are not straining yourself too much. Working out is a very personalized activity, make sure to keep it that way.

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