Low Testosterone in Your Younger Ages

On: July 18, 2021
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The thoughts of low testosterone may only cross the minds of older men, however, having low testosterone may occur as early as 20. The symptoms of having low T-levels may look the same no matter the age, however, how low testosterone happens may have different reasons. Thankfully, the symptoms of low testosterone at a younger age could be helped and reversed with help and focus on your body. 

When a man has low testosterone, it may show as fatigue, lack of sexual interest, and at such a young age, could affect fertility depending on the man. It is important that if symptoms start to occur, it is important to go to a doctor and see if it is caused by low testosterone or by something else. 

Causes of Low Testosterone at a Young Age

Since the factor of aging is out of the question, there are other causes that might make testosterone levels fall at a young age. There can be quite a few physical problems that could make it happen. For example, diabetes, liver disease, and even genetic factors. Being overweight can also cause hormone levels to decrease in men. 

On top of those, there are more simple ways that your testosterone may be lowering as well. If you are having bad sleep, a poor diet, or if you have started taking steroids lately. These things can be helped and altered to stop your hormones from fluctuating, however, it is important to figure out what exactly may be causing your testosterone levels to be decreasing first. 


Since testosterone has a huge effect on men both physically and mentally, it can be common that having low T-levels may cause infertility issues. With low testosterone, your sperm count may decrease and that may cause fertility to be difficult. This can also cause a low sex drive and possible erectile dysfunction. 

How to Help Raise Your Levels

There are many ways to try to help yourself raise your testosterone levels, however, this can vary per person, and can be very important to understand your symptoms beforehand. First, there is testosterone replacement therapy options. This can come as a pill, pellet, cream, or otherwise. However, this is usually not the first one doctors recommend as it will not help fertility, it could make it worse. If fertility is an issue, doctors may suggest starting selective estrogen receptor modules instead, but of course, this can change man to man. 

There can also be simple lifestyle changes that could help get your testosterone levels back to a more normal state. This can consist of changing your diet to something more nutritious, exercising more regularly, improving your nightly sleep, and managing your mental health. 

A lot of physical and mental health could be considered wrapped up into one. When you help your physical health you are also helping your mental health, and vice versa. When it comes to your testosterone levels being low at a young age, it is important to step back and see where there might need to be an improvement in your life. Of course, going to the doctor and seeing what is going on is the first thing to do.

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