Men today will work longer, live longer, and have more stress than their fathers. You hear that 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 45…and there is some truth to that. The prime time of our lives seems to be extending further than in previous generations. Scientific advancements cannot only help us live longer, but we now have the ability to improve the quality of those added years.

A diagnosis of low testosterone, or low T, can be the reason for a number of problems — low energy, decreased sex drive, or feeling depressed.

Although we are living longer, our testosterone is lower. In fact, studies show it is 20% lower just in the last two decades. There are several reasons for this decline: less physical lifestyle, increased stress, and the amount of estrogens our bodies are exposed to.

Healthy testosterone levels extend lives; however, men need to feel great now since their 40s and 50s are when they need energy and stamina to run their lives. Our clients range from CEOs and business leaders to carpenters and public servants, as well as men married 25+ years to those who find themselves fathers again.

Regardless of the situation, every man deserves to feel his best. Mantality can help you find the correct treatment and get to feeling your best.  To learn more about the right steps to take with your treatment, download our ebook here.

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